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12 Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners

Did you know that almost half the entire world’s population uses at least one social media platform? Many of those people use several different platforms every single day.

That’s why social media is such an important part of marketing. It’s one of the best ways to reach a huge amount of viewers. If you’re a business without any kind of social media presence, it’s time to begin.

If you’re uncertain how to best start using social media in an effective way, keep reading. We’ll go through all of the social media marketing tips you’ll need to get started on the right foot!

  1. Pick the Right Platform

When it comes to social media marketing for beginners, it’s best to stick to one platform at first. This way, you’ll get a feel for social media as a whole without overwhelming yourself. It’s a lot of work to maintain a strong social presence, so focus on one before adding more platforms to your repertoire.

The right platform for your business all depends on what you wish to focus upon. Some platforms, like Twitter, do better with short and snappy texts that garner interest. Others, like Instagram, are all about stunning and eye-catching photos.

Go through recent trends and figure out which platform suits your needs most. When in doubt, go with the social platform that seems like the easiest to keep updated.

  1. Create a Full Profile

Your user profile is a great place to add information about your business. It allows you to promote your business without it being forced.

That’s why you want to fill out all of the different parts of the profile. If a viewer goes to learn more about you, they shouldn’t have any trouble finding that information. Add links to your official website and other important venues so that it’s easy for your brand to stay connected through the depths of the Internet.

An empty profile leads to fewer interested followers. They’ll go spend their time and money elsewhere so make sure to have a profile that gives them what they want!

  1. Show Personality

The best social media marketing strategy requires a bit of sparkling personality. Viewers want to see the person behind the business. Without any personality, they’ll soon get bored with your content.

To stop this from happening, pick the type of personality you want for your brand and show it off within every post and interaction. Do you want to have some snark or do you want to be a wholesome company? Do you want to bring in a lot of humor or keep things chill?

The type of personality doesn’t matter as much as the implementation of that personality. You want to give your viewers an interesting experience every time they interact with your brand. It keeps them wanting more and they’ll keep up with everything you post!

  1. Provide Diverse Content

Although a lot of platforms focus on one type of content, it’s important that you don’t post the same thing over and over again. Even if that original post garnered a lot of attention, you need to keep things fresh so that your viewers remain interested.

The best social media marketing plan needs a good balance between innovative content and recognizable style. You don’t want your new content to be so different that it feels disconnected from the rest of your brand.

Post about a variety of different things but always try to keep your brand in mind at all times.

  1. Always Offer Something of Value

One of the easiest ways to keep up with diverse content is to offer your viewers something of value with each post. This value could be a humorous fact, information about your product, a way to interact with your brand, or offer a code for a discount.

By giving your viewers some kind of value within each of your posts, you’ll build anticipation. Viewers will start to look forward to when you post because they enjoy the content so much.

This keeps viewer engagement high and ultimately helps to strengthen your brand and sell more products. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

  1. Have a Good Posting Schedule

Every online marketing strategy needs a consistent posting schedule. If you’re doing everything right, then your followers want to see as much content from you as possible.

You don’t want to build up hype about your brand, only to leave your viewers in the dark. It’s important to post on a schedule so that your brand is always at the forefront of every viewer’s dashboard.

Posting consistency is one of the best things to do if you want to get more TikTok followers or create a strong presence on Facebook.

The key is to not overdo it. Providing your viewers with the content they crave is good, but if you do it too much, then they’ll become over-saturated. Find the balance that allows you to post content of good quality while still keeping up with demand.

  1. Share Your Website or Products

Although you want to keep your viewers engaged in your content, you also don’t want them to forget the fact that you’re a business. You have something extra to offer than other content creators.

Within every couple of posts, make sure the content is centered around your product or business. Entice your followers to click on your website link or ask them to suggest something to make your business even better.

Make sure to show sneak peeks of things still in development. This kind of posting plan helps generate excitement for your services before they’re even released.

As you continue to grow your brand, your social media platform will be your best advertising venue!

  1. Give Behind-the-Scene Tours

Many people are interested in what goes into running their favorite brands. What does it take to create the products that they love?

Social media platforms are the perfect way to share this kind of information with your fans. It creates interesting content that inspires your followers to interact with your brand. They’ll feel like they’re part of the business because they know so much about how it all works.

This creates a bond between the viewers and your business. It’s a bond that’ll keep them loyal for many years to come!

  1. Interact With Other Influencers

Don’t forget about the social part of social media platforms. You must interact with your followers, but it’s as important to interact with other creators as well.

It’s even better if you’re able to create a friendship with some of the top influencers on the platform. This gives you a lot of extra exposure that you might not achieve any other way.

Viewers love to see their favorite brands and creators interacting with one another. Make sure to find a fellow business or two with which to befriend!

  1. Use Hashtags

One of the most important aspects of all social media platforms is the use of hashtags. It’s the way that viewers can search through the platform to find content that they want to see.

Every platform is full of many creators. If you don’t use any hashtags, it’ll be difficult for anyone to find you among all the others.

Take a look at some of the most popular tags for your type of business and try to use them in your posts. Without good use of tags, your brand will remain invisible.

  1. Track Your Progress

The best way to know if your content is hitting its mark is to track all of the different metrics. Track how many people view your posts and how many people like or dislike them. Check to see which posts do well and which ones flop.

By following these kinds of numbers, you’ll have a better understanding of the type of content your followers want. It’ll help you grow as a brand since you’ll start to find your posting style as well.

If you notice your numbers are always low, then it’s time to try something new. Get creative and be fearless until you find something that shines!

  1. Branch Out

Once you’ve mastered all of these things, you’ll want to start thinking about branching out into other social media platforms. For many businesses, having a steady presence on many platforms is a great asset. However, some businesses do better when they focus their efforts on only a few.

Take some time to brainstorm which platforms will give your business the most benefits. If you start to feel as though you’re stretching yourself too thin, re-evaluate your marketing strategy.

Social media platforms work best when you are consistent and engaging!

These Social Media Marketing Tips Strengthen Your Brand

Although these may not be the only social media marketing tips, they are the best foundation for beginners. By following along with this guide, you’ll have no trouble gaining a lot of followers who want to interact with you and your business.

Get out there and start making your mark on the social media world!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our Digital Marketing section for even more advice on how to grow your brand into a big success!


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