4 Most Popular American Sports Tournaments

American sports tournaments have been attracting sports fans around the world because of the attractiveness of dramatic competitions. Not only football but basketball, tennis, etc. are also sports with very high views. Therefore, online bookmakers have provided this sport to diversify the choices for players. So what are the most popular American leagues? Let’s explore this interesting topic with SKY88 bookie!

1.About American sports

When it comes to American sports, people often think of football because world superstars like Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr or Ronaldo de Lima often appear on football news every day. However, in addition to football, other sports such as basketball, tennis, and golf are equally popular.

The proof is that tournaments like Grand Slam, NBA or US Open (Golf) have quite high viewership after MLS, Copa America. Since Argentina’s 2022 World Cup championship, fans have gradually paid more attention to this continent. Therefore, American sports have been gradually asserting their position in all world sports arenas.

A Brief History of American Sports

2.The most popular American sports leagues

There are quite a few American leagues that are receiving public attention. Names like MLS, Copa America or NBA have become popular in recent years.

2.1 Major League Soccer

Major League Soccer is the highest and largest professional men’s soccer league in sports in the Americas. Currently, the tournament is being organized by the American Football Federation in collaboration with MLS in the United States from March to October. The participating teams will be divided into 2 regions, the East and the West based on geographical location. However, the schedule of each team will be uneven, so the race is becoming very fierce.

In 2020, there are only 26 teams participating with the format of 2 legs and return. However, MLS will be expanded to 30 teams from the 2023 season. Normally, the organizers will announce the rest schedule for the teams to recover for All-Star Game matches. MLS will close with the finals in early December and the top teams will compete for the title of Supporter Shield.

2.2 Copa America South American Football League

Copa America is the men’s football tournament of the national teams of South America, commonly referred to as the South American Cup for short. The tournament was first organized by the South American Football Confederation in 1916 and was previously known as Campeonato Sudamericano de Futbol. In 1975, this name was replaced by Copa America.

This tournament has a total of 10 participating teams, divided into 2 groups of 5 northern and 5 southern teams. Teams will play three matches against another team in the same group. In the final round of the group, 2 matches will have to be scheduled and played at different times. The two third-placed teams and the top two groups will advance to the quarter-finals for play-offs. Currently, the latest Copa America championship in 2021 belongs to the Argentina team.

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Currently, Argentina is the champion of the Copa America 2021 football tournament

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2.3 Sports Americas National Basketball Association

Those who are crazy fans of basketball can certainly not help but mention the NBA, its full name is the National Basketball Association and is the oldest professional basketball league in North America. Currently, the tournament has 30 participating clubs, including 1 Canadian club and 29 US clubs.

The first tournament was held in 1946 by the Basketball Association of America (BAA) in New York City. Fans in China, the Philippines, etc. have always loved the NBA because of the dramatic matches of professional players. Therefore, this football tournament has a huge revenue among the top in all sports leagues in the Americas and around the world.

2.4 US Open tennis

The American Open is one of the four most prestigious Grand Slam tournaments besides the tournaments in France, Australia and Wimbledon. It is the largest tennis tournament in the world and is held for the last time of the year from August to September. DecoTurf hard courts in the United States will be the venue for this tournament’s matches, so the athletes are very excited. love bouncing serve on this court.

From August 28 to September 10, the American tennis tournament will be held and gather many world-famous players. Currently, Carlos Alcaraz is the men’s singles final champion of the US Open 2022 and also won the first Grand Slam title in his career.

Screenshot 3 1

Tennis tournament America also received the attention of fans

Above is the information of the 4 most popular American sports leagues in recent years. In addition, there are many other tournaments that also receive the attention of fans such as Brazilian Serie A or U.S Open Golf. So which tournament do you like? Please comment your opinion in the section below this article. In addition, if you are still interested in tournaments in the Americas, please visit the Sky88 homepage regularly to update more information.


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