5 Cost-Effective Reasons To Have Dental Implants

Dental implants made from titanium and zirconia can last for a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Unfortunately, many patients believe it’s an expensive alternative to braces and other dental care solutions because of its high price. But, the benefits and cost-efficiency of dental implants greatly outweigh their initial costs.

Braces are durable and helpful. They’re made from aluminum and high-quality sanitary lightweight metals. But they can corrode or require adjustments as your oral conditions change.

While it’s much more expensive, your dental implants will last for decades. Titanium does not corrode and has exceptional chemical resistance. You won’t need to remove or use special glue to keep them in place when eating tough food.

 Here are five cost-effective reasons to have dental implants.

A High Success Rate

Braces and dentures are practical. Both have a significantly lower price than dental implants. They also use highly-durable metals that won’t rust and corrode. This is why many patients who can’t finance dental implants prefer them.

Still, many dentists and patients with successful implants encourage patients to go for dental implants instead. Excellent implants can last a lifetime and never feel like an artificial addition to your mouth. They’re permanently fixed in your mouth and feel like a tooth. 

You’ll need to replace braces and dentures every ten years. With dental implants, you won’t need to replace anything at all.

Filling Spaces

Missing teeth brings a host of problems to the mouth. They can cause your teeth to crowd or become crooked. A missing tooth can cause your speech to sound wrong. Eating can also be a huge ordeal because you can’t process food with your missing molars.

With dental implants, you can fill the missing space with a tooth that works like and has the same durability as a real tooth. The implant is grafted to your bone. It will not irritate your gums and cause diseases. Plus, the entire dental implant procedure only lasts for a day. After six months of rest, you can be sure you have a new tooth that works just like the one you had.

Adjacent Tooth Damage

Bridges have always been a tried and proven solution to fixing teeth. These attach to your adjacent healthy tooth to anchor itself. To do this, dentists must grind some of the healthy tooth’s parts to attach bridge installation strands and allow them to work effectively. Unfortunately, it will cause further strain on adjacent teeth and may even require root canal therapy if severe damage occurs.

You can fill in your missing teeth with a new one that has your former tooth’s capabilities. With dental implants, you won’t need to grind away any healthy teeth to attach them. Plus, they won’t rust, preserve your jawbone, and even stimulate the latter’s growth.

Excellent Post-Operation Care

Bridges and dentures only work effectively with proper post-operation care. You’ll need a proper kit to sanitize, clean, and inspect various areas of your bridges and dentures. Patients will also need special pastes or adhesive gels to keep these support systems in place.

You won’t need these special cleaning and maintenance methods with dental implants. Their main function is to work like your real teeth. This means you only need to brush them regularly, floss, and do other dental care methods like a regular set of teeth.

The Best Long-Term Care Solution

Bridges, braces, and dentures are affordable and can keep your teeth intact for the short term. Using bridges, braces, and dentures for a lifetime is costly because you can lose teeth because of them. Plus, you’ll always be fussing, readjusting, and adhering them to your teeth. During this period, consider saving up enough to have dental implants later.

Dental implants only require a single operation, then a simple post-operation care process. Within six months, you have a tooth that feels just like the missing one.


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