5 Major Mistakes That Made On Partner Visas While Applying

The Australian Department of Home Affairs deals with about ten thousand applications for the partner visa every year. As now the processing time for the partner visas has increased to two years, and the application fees have also tripled, the refusal of a Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300 or Visa Subclass 309 will cost you more, not only economically but also emotionally. If you can understand a few of the major mistakes that most people make while lodging their applications, it will greatly benefit you. Doing it can save you time, money, and unnecessary stress.

Before all the procedures, it is essential to understand the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). DHA holds a data exchange program with the Australian Tax Office (ATO), Department of Social Security, etc. They also check the social media platforms of the applicants to analyze the genuineness of the relationships. Here, we detail all the five biggest mistakes that people commit while applying. 

  1. Inadequate Evidence

During the analysis, DHA will always look for sufficient proof that the relationship with your partner is authentic. Evidence can be given in several forms. More evidence you can submit, the more robust your chance to get the visa. A marriage certificate isn’t solid proof to state that your relationship is genuine. You will have to provide more substantial evidence to show that you care for each other and build a life full of love.

Many couples assume that only living together can be enough to convince the authority that their relationship is genuine and thus do not provide adequate evidence and eventually end up getting their visa refused. In a few such cases, people move to another country and then again apply after one year, maybe this time with the help of a migration agent in Perth or anywhere else in Australia. They may finally get the visa but at the costs of two application fees and two major international moves. 

The simplest way to check the sufficiency of the evidence is to take help from any registered migration agent. 

  1. Fraud Information

Unfortunately, many applicants think that providing false or misleading documents or information with the applications cannot be found out or does not matter. But it is not the case. DHA can access a wide range of information about your relationship and the circumstances, and they can analyses the applications in detail before coming to any decision.

Certain applicants may be called for interviews by the DHA, often without any prior notice. Sometimes, DHA officials may pay visits to addresses that the applicants provide to see if the couple is living together. Cases happened where after visiting the applicant’s address, DHA officials have found nothing related to their claims. If you give any wrong information on your Partner Visa Subclass 820 application, you may face serious consequences that may impact your stay in Australia.

For a successful application of any visa like Visa Subclass 300, you should meet the Public Interest Criterion (PI) 4020 that states that the information and evidence displayed in the visa application are authentic.

  1. Failure To Meet Health Requirements

Undertaking health examinations by doctors referred by the Department of Home Affairs is necessary. The Medical Officers of the Commonwealth or MOCs will assess your health. Based on that report, they will suggest to the DHA whether your health conditions will pose any danger to the Australian public health or will be an extra burden on the Australian public health system, physically or financially.

Failure to satisfy the health requirements will not let you get your visa unless it includes any health waiver provision. A health waiver provision means that even if you fail to meet the health requirements, the DHA officer may overlook the needs if you have completed the other parameters. Luckily, Partner Visa Subclass 309 contains a health waiver provision.

Health examinations consist of general medical check-ups, chest X-rays, tuberculosis testing, and also HIV testing if needed. Hepatitis B and C can also be taken.

  1. Character Issues

It is another major issue that people face. If you have problems with character and fail to pass the ‘Character Test,’ it will be difficult for you to get any Partner visa like Visa Subclass 820. 

Familiar character issues that may fail the ‘Character Test’ are as follows.

  1. Many criminal records: If you have been sentenced behind bars for 12 months or more or had faced two or more jail sentences of a total of 12 months or more, you will be deemed as a failure. You will also fail the test if you had committed a specific crime and had to go to any facility or institution.
  2. Affiliation with any criminal activity group: If you have any collaborations with any group suspected by the minister to be involved in illegal activities, you will not be eligible to get the visa.
  3. Sexual offences: Having any records of sexual crimes will also devastate your chance to obtain the visa.
  4. Domestic violence: You should not have any domestic violence records, child abuse, or violence against people with cognitive disabilities.
  5. Behavioral offences: Repetitive incidents of drunk driving, physical assaults will lead to visa refusal.

If you think you have such character issues, we recommend contacting any qualified immigration lawyer before applying.

  1. Messing Up At The Interview

Though not regular, interviews are conducted on occasions by the DHA if they find any issues regarding the relationship. If you have to face it, you should note that you need to give clear-cut answers to personal questions. These questions may be regarding your family details, how it all began, relationship dates and milestones, and other aspects that may require proving that you are together.

Who Can Help You?

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