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As humidity rises and the weather gets sultry, you feel the need to have an AC for comfort. But the fact that air conditioners can shoot up the electricity bill causes a headache for almost everyone, irrespective of their economic condition. Though most companies claim to provide energy efficiency, lower electricity bills, and magnificent design, you may not find all in one as per your requirements. Before you purchase your new air-conditioner, make sure that you have Professional AC service in Bareilly to take good care of your air conditioner.

Simple Hacks to reduce your AC bill

To get rid of the issues regarding heavy electricity bills, you can follow a few simple hacks. Who knows, these hacks may save long years for your air conditioner along with the huge electricity bills!

  1. Set the temperature to 24°C instead of 18 degrees

Since human body temperature is around 36-37 degrees and lower temperature than that can keep them cool. So, even if you set the temperature at 24 instead of 18, you will feel comfortable, and your AC will be relieved from its load. The required cool temperature will reduce the heat in the room and keep you cool. Keeping temperature between 22°C- 24°C can significantly reduce your electricity bill.

  1. Keep the rooms and doors closed while using AC

Trying to keep the doors closed while the AC is on sounds quite dumb as it is an obvious thing to do. It would help if you kept in mind to seal the windows or any other passage in the room that lets the cold air pass through. Keep the curtains on when switching on the AC to reduce the load on its compressor. Another tip you can remember is to switch off the fridge, computer, or any other heavy electronics before you switch on the AC. It will reduce the heat in the room initially, and once the AC starts working, you can switch it on.

  1. Switch on the Fan when the AC is running

When reduced energy consumption is all you are looking for, you must follow this. Keep the ceiling fan on and the AC will ventilate the room. Switching the AC on with the fan will help reduce the energy usage and your electricity bill.

  1. Don’t keep the AC on for longer periods

When you keep the AC on for a long time, it will naturally increase the electricity bill. Supposedly, you kept the AC working throughout the night to get a good night’s sleep. You can switch it off in the daytime, as the room will be comfortable enough to stay in. It will help you prevent shivering due to the chilling atmosphere in the room and save your bills.

  1. Try Regular Cleaning and Servicing of AC

You have to keep your AC clean and need to be serviced regularly to keep it free of dirt. To reduce power consumption by up to five to fifteen per cent, you can choose a professional ac service in bareilly. Once the filters are cleaned on time, it will save the device from further breaking down. Hence in the long term reduce the maintenance cost of your air conditioner.

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