5 Typical Questions Surrounding Car Insurance Claims

Driving scenarios and road events are unpredictable, so vehicle loss or damage can be inevitable sometimes. However, finding ways to resolve your vehicle troubles while effectively managing the financial implications is still possible. The CTP insurance in NSW covers third-party injuries and fatality and no loss or damage to your vehicle, which is why you must consider extending your vehicle’s cover.

Additional car insurance in NSW can help you deal with just that. And the level of benefits you can avail of during difficult road events (For example, car collisions, high impact events, vehicle damage due to harsh weather, etc.,) depends on the policy type. Comprehensive car insurance offers a vehicle broader coverage compared to other policies like third-party property damage and third-party fire and theft.

So, it is best to assess your vehicle needs, usage and value as well as your budget then compare the benefits of various policies before signing up. Also, while you consider purchasing the best fit policy, help yourself by reading answers to some of the common questions surrounding car insurance claims that we have mentioned below.

1.If I raise a claim, will my premiums increase during renewal?

Vehicle insurance premiums depend on several factors, and your claims history can be one determiner among many others. For instance, if you are the at-fault party wanting to make a claim, your risk rating will shoot up, and so will your premiums.

On the flip side, if you make a claim when your vehicle is damaged due to extreme weather events like floods, hail storms, or fire incidents, your risk rating will not be affected.

2.Will no-fault claims be recorded in my insurance claims history?

Whether at fault or no fault, every claim will be recorded in your car insurance claims history.

3.For how many years will my claims be on the record?

All your claims will stay on record depending on the nature and criticality of a road incident, your insurance company rules, and state regulations. When we say all claims, it includes successful, denied, withdrawn, and canceled claims.

4.Is a police report mandatory to file a claim?

When you file a claim for vehicle loss/damage due to theft, attempted theft, malicious damage, or a road event where the opposite party failed to provide necessary details, you must furnish a copy of the police report or report reference number.

5.What to do when my insurer denies a claim?

Seek help if you have concerns about your insurer’s decision at any point in time. Dial up the customer care number and speak to them over a quick call for resolution of any disputes. Also, you can send a mail to the specified customer service email id for clarifications regarding claim denial.

At the same time, you can read your comprehensive car insurance policy’s disclosure statements to know particular grounds when your car insurer can deny a claim. With most insurers’ online services, the turnaround time for dispute resolution is relatively quick. So, why wait to log in to your car insurance NSW account and share your grievances with the support team?


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