6 Care Tips to Promote Healthy Dog Joints

As the pup ages, they will start to experience joint problems. However, with proper care from the owner, the dogs can enjoy healthy bones and joints for longer. From finding the joint care chews for dogs to introducing certain physical activities, you can do a lot to help them.

In this article, we have come up with six tips that will help your dog to feel healthier and stronger.

Tip#1: Add Glucosamine to Their Diet

Glucosamine is essential for dog’s arthritis and joints. The ingredient assists in the creation of molecules need to form joint cartilages. It reduces the stiffness and inflammation of the joints. You can either give your dog joint supplement chews prescribed by the vet or give them natural food source for this compound.

Tip#2: Help Them Maintain Healthy Weight

When the dogs gain excessive weight, there is extra pressure on their bones and joints. Therefore, it is essential to promote a healthy weight for the dogs. It will keep their mobility and health at an ideal level. The best way to do that is to keep them engaged in playing, and feed them a balanced diet. 

Tip#3: Introduce Exercise in Their Routine 

If your dog has been diagnosed with a joint-related issue like arthritis, you can still make them exercise. However, make sure you are gentle. Too much pressure can cause more wear and tear and increase pain. You can try activities like swimming that won’t put too much force on the joints. And yes, don’t forget to add joint chews for dogs in their diet after the vet’s recommendation. This combination will help your dog feel stronger.

Tip#4: Give Them Supplements 

The supplements available in the market have certain compounds and additives that helps to improve the joint health of the dogs. However, you first need to consult the doctor on which soft chews for dogs you should buy to treat the joint condition. Typically, the chews they suggest will have ingredients like fish oil, chondroitin, and glucosamine. The supplements from IVS Pet are the prime example of the best chews available.

Tip#5: Use Dog-Friendly Ramps

It is very common for dogs to injure themselves while jumping around from sofas and heights. By adding the ramps, they’ll jump around less, reducing the chances of damage to the joints. 

Tip#6: Massage the Joints

In addition to finding the best joint supplement for dogs, you can also massage their joints. Consult a vet, if they give you a thumbs up, you can try out different techniques to see what your dog finds relaxing. Before starting, warm up their body by making big strokes. Do not put too much pressure on the areas your dog finds painful. If during the process, you feel the joints are swollen up, wrap them with a cold towel. If that doesn’t work, take them to the vet. 

Joint Care Chews for Healthy Dogs!

The chews or supplements should always be a part of your dog’s diet, especially if they have joint problems. Combining this with the above tips will be the best thing to treat a dog’s arthritis and other joint-related problems.


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