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6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Sales Department

Businesses are trying to keep their payroll as light as possible nowadays and outsourcing is usually one of the first options they think about. They usually consider functions like payroll or IT management first, but more people should consider outsourcing sales too. Outsourcing here is an especially good choice if you’re expanding or are struggling to keep up with an ever-growing number of sales channels. Many companies use Global PEO China services to outsource their hr department. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should consider outsourcing your sales department.

Fill Gaps More Quickly

One study by LinkedIn found that it takes about 49 days for a business to close a position, and it can sometimes take longer when it comes to finding skilled sales professionals. This can make things very difficult if you’re trying to scale your business or you are getting a sudden influx of leads because of improvements in marketing, greater brand exposure or recognition, or sudden changes in your industry.

You also don’t know how your hires will pan out. You could have to go through batches of bad apples until you find someone who performs to the level you want and who’s a good fit within your team and system.

This is where a good third-party sales team could help. They will have done the vetting work for you and the people they work with have been doing this for years, so you won’t have to worry about any of them flaking out or not being competent.

At the end of the day, the only way to instantly add multiple new sales reps or entire teams is to outsource. So, if you need to expand or enter new markets faster, you may have no choice but to go for that option.

You Have Trouble Qualifying Leads

One of the most frustrating and costly things for an organization is spending too much time and money on unproductive leads. But when you outsource things like appointment setting, for instance, you don’t have to worry about it as much. Good teams can sift out the time wasters and make sure that your leads have been prequalified before you meet them. This means that you’ll be put in front of sales-ready prospects who are eager to buy from you almost every time.

You Only Pay for Results

Another reason why you should consider outsourcing your sales is that you can pay for work performed only. This is especially beneficial for companies like large B2B companies or manufacturers who only have to make a handful of sales per month or year. If you’re in the manufacturing business, then you could hire manufacturer’s reps from a company like and only pay them when they make a sale. This will allow you to cut costs and instantly benefit from the expertise of a seasoned salesperson.

You Will Have Access to Better Talent

Another advantage outsourced sales teams have over the average operation is that they will naturally attract a better level of talent. Top sales reps get approached by top-level companies and outsourcing agencies and you will have to work much harder to attract them.

Then there’s the whole training part. You may be able to attract a great sales employee, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to train them correctly. An outsourced team, on the other hand, will have sales training personnel with years of experience.

You Want to Diversify Your Sources of Income

Outsourcing your sales could also be a good idea if you are thinking of increasing your offer of services or generating new revenue streams for your company. You could decide to keep your in-house team for core products and hire an outsourced team for your new product line or service. Or you could have an outside team take over your whole sales operation.

You’ll be Better Equipped to Deal with Disruption

Having too many people on your books makes things harder when there are unexpected dips in demand or serious disruption in your industry. Working with a team gives you a level of flexibility that you simply can’t have when you have a full team in-house.

If you experience many ups and downs in your business or expect to see them in the future because of changing realities in your business or global markets, then outsourcing sales could make them easier for you to navigate.

These are only some of the reasons why hiring a third-party sales team or representative could make sense for your organization. Look at the pros and cons of going that route and also think of the time and money you could start spending on much more important functions. From time and cost savings to increased sales, bringing on a third-party team or representative can be an incredibly beneficial move for your business. Weigh the advantages against any potential drawbacks in order to feel confident that you’re making the right decision. If enhanced international recruiting is among your considerations, consider leveraging an Employer of Record France service provider who can help streamline overseas talent acquisition processes.


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