7 Ways To Make Your Car An Extension Of Yourself

In 2022 Cars are more than a way of getting from point A to B. At least, they can be. With a little personalization and creativity your car can be a place that feels like home and makes that commute a little more relaxed. Expression is important in a world of copy/pasted designs, so here’s 7 ways to consider personalizing your car.

  1. Satellite Navigation

No, not simply using sat-nav or GPS, but the way it presents itself. Since its inception sat-nav has had actors and celebrities vying to give you directions and by now there is quite the range of talent available. From real life heroes to the voices behind purely fantastical ones from films or games. Hearing a familiar or comical voice, or maybe even a dark and dramatic one, can break the ice of a bad day.

  1. Paint It Yourself

Car exterior design is often tended to by the professionals, but the tools are actually available for anyone. A dedicated hardware or motor store will stock car-safe paint that abides by the environmental and safety laws for home painting. So long as your car isn’t required to remain pristine for an upgrade program or some such, there’s actually no reason not to splash your creative energies onto your car!

  1. Custom Reg Plates

Many of us have a love/hate relationship with custom plates. They can be as hilarious and topical and interesting as they can be pretentious and predictable and cringey. Luckily, they come in a huge price range depending on what you’re looking for so can fit any budget, and when you choose your own you can make sure it fits into the right category for you! Maybe it just relates to something you care about or a word that matters to you, or maybe it looks just like a normal plate and you just find it easier to remember! Either way you can do it with a Personalised number plate UK.

  1. Homemade Interior Trinkets

Nothing says personal like something homemade. Whether you want to use a site like Etsy or follow tutorials to make your own, there are plenty of interior design options for your car.

  1. Coaster Liners

An almost guaranteed part of your interior are the coasters. They might be fixed or might slide out from the dash. However, they’re implemented the space they use can be tweaked easily through lining the edge with a trim. This is easy as the coaster hole provides access to the lip of the ring. From diamonds to little ceramic animals, these things have been decorated in all sorts of ways!

  1. Dashboard Décor

There’s an awful lot of space between your steering wheel and the bottom of the windscreen. Dashboard décor that fits securely and doesn’t obstruct your view of the road is perfect to add some splashes of color to the grey dashboard. You can make your own or browse on sites like Etsy for homemade solutions.

  1. Smells Like Home

Once that “new car” smell has well and truly eroded away you should consider adding a diffuser or freshener to the interior. Some can be attached right onto the air-con grill and spread gently as the air flows around the car, while others are more traditional hanging air fresheners. With different delivery methods and different fragrances/strengths you can experiment to find the balance that makes your car feel welcoming to you.


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