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Pari bet provides you with a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of gambling. On the website you can find a suitable bookmaker, learn more about each of them and place sports bets. Thanks to this platform, you have the opportunity to get everything you need for online betting India. 

Basic information about Dota 2

Currently, you can bet on any kind of sports. Their variety will please any player. In addition to traditional games, esports is gaining popularity today. One of the most famous games in it is Dota 2. It is an original game of the MOBA genre. Its developer is Valve. And if you are new to thi

Ten people can take part in Dota 2 at the same time. Each team has five players. After choosing their heroes, they must fight among themselves. Special abilities, items and spells will be useful for this. The goal of the game is to destroy the opponent’s buildings. He will try in every way to prevent you from doing this. 

You can choose the character you like the most and endow him with abilities, increase his strength, develop his talents and acquire items to increase his attributes. Accordingly, your opponent will perform similar actions to defeat you. All  information about this is available on Pari bet.

Match format

Dota 2 is held in various variations. Here are the formats there are:

Format name Short description
Best of 1 In other words, many players call it roulette. From the name it is clear that the competition goes up to one victory. This format is considered biased because such a result cannot demonstrate the real power of the players
Best of 2 Only in this format can both teams have an equal score. Here the game goes up to two results. You can win with a score of 2:0 or draw
Best of 3 It is the most common version of the game. As a rule, it is used at the playoff stage. Players compete until someone gets two points
Best of 5 It is in this format that you can really assess the full potential of teams, but it is also the most difficult and lengthy. To become a leader, you need to win in three rounds

How much money can Dota 2 tournament participants win

Dota 2 is a serious esports discipline. It has hundreds of thousands of players in different countries and their number is constantly increasing. During the competitions, fans of the game follow them online on the stream and bet on Dota 2. This is a very exciting and interesting event. The main event in the field of esports in this discipline is The International tournament, which is held annually. The International budget is very large. In 2018, the prize fund was 25,000,000 USD. This is just a huge figure.


Do you want to participate in Dota 2 betting? Then go to Pari bet. This site will allow you to start taking the first steps in this direction. It is visited not only by beginners in sports betting, but also by experienced players. Don’t be afraid to take a risk and you will definitely succeed.


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