Advantages of renting a VPS-server

For the beginner webmaster when creating his first site there always comes the moment of choosing the place to store his resource – hosting. In simple words hosting is a place on the server to store folders and files of your site on the Internet. This can be a virtual hosting or virtual dedicated server.

What is VPS / VDS

Advantages of renting a VPS server 1

Immediately it is necessary to understand what is virtual hosting. This is a certain amount of space on the server for your site for rent. But along with you on this server are many other users just like you. You all use common resources together. But a virtual personal server is all the resources of your leased space, just for your sites. But it only imitates the work of a physical server, but it is not. Moreover, you can get access to it through root-administration rights, which allows you to install any software, not only that which is provided in advance as part of virtual hosting.

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Advantages of VPS/VDS server

Having root access, you can influence the settings of your server at any time. Install any software for your needs. There are very few “neighbors” on the server, in addition, they can’t use your resources. This server can withstand heavy loads: a lot of visitors to the site and a lot of traffic. Your VPS is allocated a separate ip-address. VPS/VDS server allows you to put it the required number of sites, and it is limited only by its capacity. It turns out that the advantages of such a place for sites is more. But it is not suitable for everyone, because there are disadvantages.

Disadvantages of VPS/VDS

For the independent administration of VPS requires technical knowledge. Many hosts provide administration services for an additional fee. You can also hire a specialist, but you also need to pay extra for that. Improper operation of the virtual dedicated server will lead to problems with continuity and security. The cost of such a server will be higher compared to shared hosting. In some cases, rare server neighbors can still affect you with their improper actions.

What is the benefit of renting a VPS server?

Advantages of renting a VPS server 2

If you calculate the cost of equipment necessary for the arrangement of the server, many believe that it is more profitable to buy it than to rent a virtual one. But keep in mind a few important nuances. For arrangement of a quality server room needs a separate room. For him have to rent or provide your own office space. In addition, the power bill will be large. And for the server will need staff of system administrators. It is therefore advantageous to rent a remote server.


It turns out that VPS/VDS hosting can be used almost for any Internet resource. Taking into account all the advantages and disadvantages of the server, it is most often used:

  • online stores with large traffic
  • game servers
  • testers and developers of new online resources
  • email clients
  • resources with large amounts of personal data
  • sites with IP-telephony
  • sites with regular video surveillance

Virtual dedicated server is also suitable for beginners in programming for a simple site with little traffic. You just need to choose the necessary power and price for your needs.

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