Animated Vs. Live-Action: Which Makes the Better Explainer Video? 

When visual and auditory senses are stimulated, people retain 58% more information. This makes explainer videos so effective for commercial marketing. However, you do have to pick between two styles: animated versus live action when it comes to explainer videos.

Which is better? Well, the benefits of an animated video explainer are, and for most businesses, they are typically cheaper. Therefore, we believe that animated videos are the apparent winner. Continue to read for a complete comparison so you can judge for yourself.

Video Animation Vs. Live Action Video: What Are They?

First of all, we have to understand what the two videos are and what they sell. Animation is the art of drawing and displaying drawings and objects in a sequence of frames, so it looks like images are moving. Animated videos appear to be used to describe videos used to inform and educate their viewers.

Live-action videos, on the contrary, are a recording of still or objects in motion. They can refer to movies or videos that don’t use animation. 

Animated videos vs live action: Which Works for Any Industry.

When it comes to animated vs. live action videos, animated videos are big winners. You can efficiently communicate any topic, no matter how complex or technical it is. This makes them adaptable and suitable for different companies in different industries. Why are they so adaptable? The animation helps you go through time, illustrate some subjects easily through visuals, and make light-hearted stories from technical topics.

Some of the best animated explainer videos express profound subjects using cartoon figures. For example, if you sell cloud computing software, how do you best communicate the value of your product to potential customers?

You can either invest in a live explainer video with a speaker’s head or invest in an animated one. The latter will take your complicated product and sell its worth much better than the live-action video can. If you want to get publicity by having celebrities or influencers in your video, it is obviously more meaningful to live-action. But the voice of a popular actor in an animated video can be just as powerful.

It should also be noted that if your company sells a physical product and you attempt to create a video to discuss the functions of that product, it would appear that it is best to do live-action. Animation also seems to be working best here, though. There are imaginative ways you can even display your product in an animated video.

Value from Animated Videos.

When we talk about an explainer video, the animation versus live-action debate depends on what your ultimate aims and vision for the video are.

However, animated videos have apparent advantages for most companies and individuals. An animated video explaining your marketing efforts may be just what you need to take to the next level, from the ability to address complicated topics with a smooth and imaginative nature.

Video Animation Vs. Live Action Video: Which Takes More Time?

Animators build animations from scratch. It can take weeks or even months to complete animations. On the other hand, live-action videos can usually be achieved in a few days. Anything recorded in Live-Action videos in real-time, so you can adapt or even improvise on the spot.

However, you might also use pre-made animations instead of making your animations from scratch. There are libraries containing over 1 million free animation media items – from elemental animation doodles to fantastic motion graphics.

Animation Video Vs. Live Video: When to Use It?

To be perfectly honest, there is no correct answer. For different videos and programs, both animations and live-action videos may be used. That said, you should consider a variety of factors when determining what sort of online video to produce.

Would you like to make a more human and friendly personal video? If so, you can’t beat live video action. We are drawn on human faces and true human feelings, which is more challenging to recreate with animated videos.

Or maybe you would like to make a more instructional video? We recommend that you make an animated video explainer. Animations will simplify the process more quickly than live-action videos if you want to illustrate a tricky concept or the topic. 

Animation Videos Vs. Live-Action: Production Cost.

Choosing to invest in video animation will help you spread your budget somewhat. This is because of the less conventional animation development process and because animated videos can be edited and updated more easily.

If you want to make sure your video marketing material is always green, the way forward is animation. Often, however, shorter live-action videos may be meaningful. It depends on how much you want to invest and what overall objectives you have for the video.

Forbes estimates that the average product explainer video can cost between $1,000 and $3,000 per minute. You should expect to pay at least $10,000 if you are interested in creating an explainer video that targets ready-to-buy leads. You may compare it to the cost of animated explicators, which for a much better quality end product can start at as low as $2,000.

Finally, it is essential to see the explainer videos as a significant investment, which means that you look at the ROI relative to your invested money. In this sense, looking at the result is more critical. For example, how much would you win in terms of leads and sales with an animation explainer versus a regular product video?

Choosing between animated videos and live-action videos is difficult, but we have chosen to take courage and help you decide.

Overall, it’s all about the goals of your explainer video and your expertise. Experts can end up eating in your budget by creating animations or shooting images. Therefore, ask yourself three basic questions before you make a decision:

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  1. What kind of video would you make?
  2. How long and how much money did you allocate? 
  3. And who will watch your video?


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