Despite Having a Strong Favor of the Market, Why Apple is No Longer Creative and Innovative?

The new Apple iPhones and I entities are rolling off the line, brand new each year. However, certain essences appear to have evaporated away into oblivion. The latest products of Apple have been met with disappointing disapproval, and the only fan bases that seem to descend the hope of retaining the market are the hopeful consumers.

Growing Up

The history of Apple resembles the American Dream. A young innovator revolutionized the entire spectrum of communication, providing the world at the fingertips—an ark of information surpassing the size of Noah. The growth of Apple as an imminent giant was therefore not unforeseen.

Unfortunately, after the visionary legend Steve Jobs demise, the edge of innovation appeared to curb blunt.

The subsequent releases, such as iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, provided the same function, with a tad better performance. The RAM and ROM magnitudes remained intact, while the IOS changed its name and title. Tweaks in the screen size and button placement were not enough to make the $200 price difference.

Therefore, we can observe that the increase in size has induced bureaucracy into the firm, causing it to lose track of innovation and introduce new realms and push boundaries.

New Motivation

The current CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has been criticized for altering the focus. The highlight seems to produce market standard products and using brand face value to avail extra profits.

An example of this theory can be provided by the time delay Apple had in integrating waterproof technology into their products. It was two models after their closest competitor, Samsung.

Innovation might also get squashed under the pressure of competition and limits of expansion. The iPhone X brought out Infinity Display following Samsung’s release; however, it had severe battery, camera, and usage limitations.

Artificial Obsolescence is also in play, as older IOS updates get slower and slower upon releasing new phones in the market. In various media and YouTube channels, it has been recorded that the previous IOS versions either slag off or shut down, varying randomly, as soon as the announcement of a new iPhone has reverberated. The company has stated that this is done to protect the battery life of old iPhones, although scientific evidence is still inconclusive about the statement.

New Market Demand

It is also possible that the company is simply running out of ideas. The blossom of new technology every day makes it very difficult to maintain an edge over two decades, and thus, the slacking off can be explained. The market of electronics shifts demand pretty frequently, and upon the entrance of a newer, better product, the previous versions become obsolete, losing all their value. Another statement is hurtful to firms’ bank accounts since they made money off their final products. Thus, innovation might get restricted to survive in the tumultuous market.

The inability to judge the current and future trajectory of the market, mixed with the profit intensive view, makes innovation obsolete. Therefore, Apple products seem to be a part of the stock market instead of a beacon of a new dawn.


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