No Matter if You Are an Athlete or a School Going Kid, You Can’t Underestimate the Basic Protein Needs

Proteins are a significant part of a healthy diet. They are full of chemical building blocks, known as “amino acids.” There are three types of protein. They are Fibrous, membrane, and globular. Our body uses these amino acids to build and repair muscles, bones. It circulates in the making process of hormones and enzymes, and Proteins consists of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen. Some of the best sources of protein are Lean meats, poultry, fish and seafood, etc. Sometimes proteins are referred to as the fuel for the body. They provide energy as much as carbohydrates to the body.

Nutritional value of protein in food

We determine the nutritional value by using the number of essential amino acids it contains. Different foods have different amounts of significant amino acids. Such as Animal products (chicken, beef, fish, etc.) have essential amino acids. They are known as “Complete Protein,” or “High Protein,” or “Ideal Protein.” The plant proteins (lentils, nuts, etc.) lack the essential amino acids. So they are known as “Incomplete Proteins.” Soy Products, quinoa, amaranth also contain essential amino acids.

Different protein foods

Different foods contain different dietary protein. They include Lean meats- Lamb, beef, chicken, pork, etc. Poultry (Chicken, duck, turkey, etc.); seafood and fish (Fish, prawns, oysters, etc.); dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.). Nuts and seeds- Cashews, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, etc., and about legumes and beans- All types of beans, lentils, chickpea, etc. Grains and cereal- They also contain protein but not as essential as the proteins obtained from meat.

Getting more protein in daily life

There are many ways of getting more protein in daily life. A peanut butter sandwich without adding sugar, salt is a good source of getting protein. Scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, ricotta cheese, etc., are also a good source of getting more protein in the body. Greek yogurt is rich in protein, and we can use it throughout the whole day. We often take it with cereal for breakfast. Eggs are an excellent option for getting protein in the body. There are Different dishes which requires using eggs. So we can include eggs in the regular diet. Beans taste great in vegetable soup, pasta sauces, etc. A plate of freshly cut vegetables and hummus is also great for receiving protein.

Although protein is an essential element for the body’s growth, excess protein intake is harmful. Very high intake of protein can cause kidney and liver damage. It causes loss of calcium, sodium, and other minerals, increasing osteoporosis in the bone. Protein is a vital nutrient for the growth, maintenance of the body, repair of cells of the body. This protein helps to carry out the function of the body properly. It is an element easily found in both animals and plants. So it has a lot of sources. Animal source proteins are a high source of protein. Therefore to maintain a healthy life, it is essential to take the right amount of protein from various sources.


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