Can CBD Help You Quit Smoking?

There is strong evidence that CBD can be an effective tool in the arsenal of someone attempting to beat their addiction to nicotine. The gradual acceptance of CBD products across the globe has primarily had to contend with negative associations with cannabis smoking culture, but it is precisely the health benefits that has helped CBD win over the hearts and minds of many people who have never been part of any cannabis smoking culture.

And one of these health benefits has been its use in helping smokers to quit. The market for smoking cessation products has exploded in recent years, so it is no surprise that CBD has begun to takeover a chunk of it. Its success is down to nothing more than the fact that it works. This is on top of the fact that there are still a large community of smokers, keen to quit, looking to try something new after a history of failure with various other smoking cessation products.

Nicotine Addiction

To see just how CBD products are successfully carving out this market niche, it is important to talk about what makes CBD different from the myriad other smoking cessation aids that have been on the market for many years. For that, we need to talk specifically about nicotine addiction.

In response to a growing number of smokers expressing a desire to quit (itself a reaction to increased popular exposure of the harms of tobacco) the pharmaceutical industry has responded with a range of products which contain nicotine themselves. The idea is that the smoke, with all its harmful content, is cut out while the nicotine dependency continues to be satisfied. This is the thinking behind all manner of products, from nicotine patches to nicotine containing vapes and more recent “smokeless tobacco” products. CBD anti-smoking products take quite a different tack.

Anti-Smoking CBD Products

There are in fact a range of ways in which CBD can be used to quit smoking and they sometimes work in different ways and address different aspects of tobacco addiction. Yammy CBD, a company specializing in CBD products such as CBD gummies, oil, and vapes, say that precisely because addiction takes so many forms, which of the following products work best will vary considerably from person to person.


Using CBD oil for smoking cessation is for those who want to give up the actual act of smoking itself rather than simply finding a safer tobacco-free way to continue smoking. CBD isn’t any substitute for nicotine, but it is effective because it can ameliorate the withdrawal symptoms of giving up smoking.

Many of the well-known withdrawal symptoms of smoking are precisely those issues which CBD is known to help with. Giving up nicotine makes you agitated and anxious, and CBD is known to combat this. Giving up can also adversely affect your sleep, so CBD oil can help with this too. It has even been shown that CBD can reduce nicotine cravings.

Smoking CBD

For many, smoking hemp instead of tobacco has proven an effective way of giving up cigarettes. Smoking addiction also has a psychological dimension and can be addiction to the act of smoking itself. Accordingly, smoking hemp allows people to continue to smoke without consuming nicotine or tar. On top of this, the anti-withdrawal symptom effects of CBD also apply.

As we learn more about it, it seems that the list of CBD benefits just gets longer and longer. And it would be fair to say that we are now at the point where “CBD to help quit smoking” can certainly be added to that list.

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