Chicken is such an Amazing Element of Our Food List, which Can Determine A Different Identity of You by Serving At Your Hotel

Chicken dishes are lovable to everyone. Except for the vegetarians, there are hardly people found who does not love chicken dishes. Chicken contains all the beneficial nutrients essential for the body, such as Protein, fat and carbohydrate etc. Its bland tastes combine so easily with different spices and sauces. It can fit in other cuisines of various part of the world. Different types of hotels and restaurants are just known worldwide for their exotic and straightforward chicken dishes. Even the home cooks try to replicate the dishes using their twist.

Varieties of dish

In various ways, in dishes, there are uses of chicken differently. In some words, baked chicken mixes with spices and sauce. Some are for frying, while some are for the grill recipe. It is mainly taken as a main dish or as a wholesome dish. Using the dressing of pasta dishes makes it tastier, and different hotels are famous for their other chicken dishes. They play my mixing herbs, sauce with chicken. In my hotel, there would be dishes that are simple but exotic enough to attract customers, like Chicken soup, Thai soup etc.

Fried Chicken

This recipe is one of the easiest recipes in the world. Everyone is a fan of chicken fries. We can also do the coating in different styles. For their other layers, they even taste differently. Restaurants like KFC, CP and BFC etc., are famous for their fried chicken. In my hotel, there would be varieties of fried chicken.

The secret of tasty fry lies in its marinating. For some, the marination done with buttermilk is the best way. It moistens and makes the chicken tender and soft.

Grilled Chicken

Grill chicken is one of the most popular dishes in Asian countries. It is a timing consuming dish. Use of different spices for cooking this dish. It is a hot and spicy dish as a lot of chillies is used in making this dish. This dish is especially famous in India. Many people from all over the world, while visiting India, they try this dish. The eye-catching look of the chicken with its charming flavour can attract anyone.

Any chicken lover would love to try out this dish along with some sauce. So this simple dish should be on the menu of every restaurant. Some restaurants and hotels are known for their Grilled Chicken.

A hotel doesn’t need to be very spacious and all to get its fame. When there is hygiene maintained, the quality of food is good, and the atmosphere is amicable, then it would undoubtedly draw the attraction of the customers. If the chicken is stale, then the taste of the food is decreased. So for any dish, fresh chicken is a better option. There would be simple dishes in my hotel that would be eye-catching for the customers and mouthwatering also. So the customers would be pleased.


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