Come to Know the Two-Ways Radio Before Selecting Your Desired One

We often notice a device in many servicemen’s hands, like, police, military, fire service and any more. The gadget is Walkie Talkie; a small cellular phone paired device. However, the formal name of this is portable radios. If we compare a smartphone and a radio, the portable radio is more powerful than the latest version of the smartphone. Today it has become immensely popular for its high definition and other govt. or official activity. In the mid of 1930, Donald Higgs invented the first portable radio model, which was effective enough to communicate. However, today we can experience radios Kenwood and others from different companies. These companies are offering or producing highly capable radios that can even cover the whole satellite.

What is Portable Radio?

In general, portable radio is a gadget that allows communication without wire and runs on a single frequency band. The other name of this radio is a two-way radio. Because of having no wire, people can walk and talk meanwhile, which is why Walkie Talkie. The power to run the walkie-talkie comes from a rechargeable battery. The most interesting fact about radio is there is a button which you need to push to talk.


Before you own a portable radio set, you must know the components’ information. Otherwise, you might face challenges while using. As we can see a radio, there is an antenna, display, buttons to function, battery, speaker and microphone. And, inside the radio, there is a board which is called motherboard or circuit. All create radio waves combinedly, and the radio waves can transmit at the speed of light like around 186000 miles per second without interrupting for a single moment. The high calibre of this radio created the potential of different levels. 

Which One is Best for You?

Plenty of companies are there to offer you quality radios and the required accessories. Nonetheless, it would help if you kept it in your mind, not all the companies’ items are suitable for you. Let’s assume you are managing a ten-stored building’s security; you do not require the portable radio set for military or satellite purposes. However, there are some of the best companies which are serving the quality product till now.


ICOM Incorporated is a Japanese company which is producing flawless products since 1954. The equipment the sales are enormously significant for large organizational service purposes. The best creation of this company is IC SAT100, which can cover a wide range like from a corner to another corner of the country. It can catch signals or waves flawlessly from the altitude of 22369 means the geosynchronous equatorial orbit.


The next best and most popular of today is Kenwood. Kenwood Corporation is another Japanese company which is serving the whole world since 1946. For our private organizational or personal use, the radios from Kenwood are highly capable. Till now, their best radio product is NX-5300-K6. In this model, you will find the highest security and multi-protocol mode available on this planet. Besides everything, the weight of the radio is only 100 grams. In many countries’ military services, this model is immensely popular.


Motorola Inc is an American company that is highly popular for its products. They started their journey in 1926. And till now, they had never stepped back when it was very challenging to survive in the market of two-way radio production. Their T800 is today’s hot cake, and they have even designed models for personal use. The model T800 can cover up to 35 miles, and the price is incredibly low.


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