Clear the Confusions Regarding Personal Computer Before You Go Shopping to Buy One


There is confusion among personal computer users that whether they can use iOS on a personal computer. Yes, they can. Let’s see how a user can do it. It is possible to run iOS on a personal computer using iOS emulators. These emulators are for Windows operating system.


Windows is a software or programme through which the hardware of a computer is under control. You can work on Windows by clicking on the icons.

iOS or Windows for personal computer:

Reviews: Comparing the reviews from the Apple iOS and Windows users, we find that iOS got 4.5 out of 5 stars. On the contrary, widows got 4.4 out of 5 stars. This comparison helps you to make the right choice between these two operating systems.

Easy to use: After using both operating systems, the users found iOS is easier to use, and its settings are also well developed and better than Windows.

Business purpose: If you want to use an operating system for your business, Windows is better in this case.

Quality: When you compare the quality of the products, you will feel that Apple iOS is preferable to Windows.

Features: Users always choose Windows in the case of attributes, roadmaps etc.

Working area: iOS was mainly for smartphones, music player and tablet computer. And Windows was only for personal computer, tablets, media centre etc.

A lot of software: There is an extensive collection of software available on Windows. If you are looking for software for your business, Windows may provide it.

Games: If you want to play games with new technology, then you need Windows. A lot of memorable games are available on Windows.

Desktop and touch screen: Windows 10 is for both desktop and touch screen devices. On the others hand, iOS is designed only for the touch screen devices of Apple.

Convenience: Every form of Microsoft Windows has some regular features, which helps switch from one version to the next one. Windows 7 users can quickly move to Windows 10. Many parts of Windows 7 and Windows 10 are similar.

Programming Support: Windows offers the privilege for game and programming engineers. Windows have a lot of demand, so designers want to design many programmes, applications etc. On iOS, you cannot get the chance to do it.

Different configurations and prices: Manufacturers of PC prefer Windows because it has a user base, third party software developers and hardware manufacturers. Windows devices are of other formats and price points.

There are devices available in the market according to the budget and level of users. All types of devices exist from minimum price to high price and for entry-level users to advanced users. Besides, a user can customize the computer according to his requirements from the third-party hardware manufacturers. By contrast, the users of iOS have to buy the devices initially designed by Apple. They cannot customize the device.

In a word, iOS users are increasing day by day. Windows do not lose its market. Because of its various configurations and flexibility, Windows keeps its position in the market firmly.


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