Details of safe Corona888 recharge process for rookies

Top up Corona888 This is a topic that has been hotly discussed on social networking sites lately. Especially, for new players, the process of loading game cards is relatively difficult. Recognizing this situation, the following article will provide you with a super simple and safe deposit method.

Overview of the Corona888 bookie

corona888 is a bookie that was established in January 2019. Although it has not been in operation for a long time, it is a completely legal casino and has received a lot of love from many bettors.

Details about Corona888 bookie

The house owns modern features and dedicated customer service. Thereby creating a comfortable and impressive feeling for bettors when experiencing the game. At the same time, the playground leaves a deep impression on the betting community.

Not only providing good service and attentive customer care, Corona888’s payout rate is also at the highest threshold. Therefore, many bettors quickly registered to participate and Corona888 recharge to enjoy great things.

Instructions to top up Corona888 via popular methods

You want to participate in online betting and entertainment games but are wondering which bookmaker is safe and convenient for your wallet? Corona888 is definitely the perfect choice with safe, efficient and convenient deposit methods.

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Top most popular ways to recharge Corona888

Super simple to top up via Momo wallet

If the member owns a Momo wallet, it becomes very easy to top up the account. Follow these 5 steps to join the game:

  • Step 1: Access the game account and select “deposit”.
  • Step 2: Select Momo e-wallet as the deposit method, then you will be redirected to the corresponding interface.
  • Step 3: Enter the amount you want to top up in the blank box, with the note that the conversion unit is 1 = 1000 VND.
  • Step 4: Scan the provided QR code and the system will send the code to the registered phone number of the bettor.
  • Step 5: Open the Momo wallet app, scan the code you just received and proceed to top up successfully.

Top up Corona888 directly at the ATM

If you have not registered for Internet banking service for your bank card, do not worry. Corona888 still supports the extremely convenient traditional deposit method:

  • Step 1: Log in to your account and select “bank deposit”.
  • Step 2: Select your bank to proceed with the next operation.
  • Step 3: Select top up at ATM counter and enter the account number provided earlier.
  • Step 4: Conduct transactions directly at ATM counters. At the same time, keep the deposit receipt as proof of the transaction to confirm with the bookie.

Top up by super fast phone scratch card

This method is the simplest and most traditional way to deposit money to play games at the Corona888 house:

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Corona888 recharge process via phone card

  • Step 1: Similarly, log in to your account and select “top up with scratch card”.
  • Step 2: Then proceed to select the carrier and continue with the next requirements,.
  • Step 3: Enter the card code and the corresponding serial number to make the deposit.
  • Step 4: Click “Send” and within a few seconds, the system will notify the completion of the deposit transaction.

What should be noted for successful Corona888 recharge?

In process nạp tiền corona888, it is inevitable that unexpected situations occur. So, to ensure the best experience with the highest satisfaction, we have compiled important experiences to avoid mistakes for you:

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Things to note when posting to top up Corona888

  • To perform Corona888 recharge successful, the user needs to register a master account. You need to make sure that the account matches the payment account. This provides consistency and safety during transactions.
  • You must follow the rules specified on the system. If you violate this rule, the player will lose the right to make transactions at the house.
  • Please choose the most suitable deposit payment method to enjoy the convenience of making Corona888 transactions.
  • Do not forget to participate in the promotions and monthly events that the bookie organizes. This is your chance to get free rewards and add value to your gaming experience.
  • Finally, the amount deposited into the registered account must be at least 100,000 VND and maximum 500,000,000 VND in one trading session. If this limit is not met, the system will automatically cancel the transaction to ensure the safety and financial management of the player.

Above is all information related to the process Corona888 recharge. Hopefully with what we share in the article to help bettors complete the safest gaming deposit process. Finally, I wish the house members to always win and win the most gifts.


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