Different types of marijuana seeds

There are different types of marijuana seeds USA prevalent today. The legalization of cannabis in more than eleven states in the US has contributed to the upsurge of marijuana farmers. This includes a high number of beginners that lack knowledge on the breeding of cannabis. Different types of seeds will suit different gardens. Therefore it is necessary to determine the type of seed that will well suit your garden.

Listed below are some of the different types of marijuana seeds that are prevalent in the world today

  1. Regular seeds

Regular seeds are generated by combining a male and a female plant. It can be of gender, either male or female. However, the ratio of male-to-female seedlings is undetermined with regular seeds until blooming begins, and the plants reveal their sex. While female plants yield the desired flower, regular seeds allow gardeners to experience the strain’s genetic ancestry in its entirety. This type has several advantages. For instance, it is relatively inexpensive, readily available. Also, it’s suitable for beginners since they can be easily replaceable. Also, they come in a variety of strain combinations. Its main drawback is the high percentage of encountering male plants, which are not helpful if you’re looking for smokable strains.

  1. Auto flower seeds

If you’re a novice at producing cannabis, auto-flower seeds are the best for beginners. These Plants will blossom when they reach a specific maturity, which is generally ten weeks from seed, rather than according to the daily light schedules. Autoflowering strains are hybrids of current strains and Cannabis Ruderalis strains. Cannabis Ruderalis is the third cannabis variety, joining Indica and Sativa. Cannabis Ruderalis grows at the Northern and Southern Hemispheres and has a considerably shorter lifespan than strains found at theequatorial region. Cannabis Ruderalis strains have developed to the point that they will finish their life cycle regardless of the quantity of light available due to the absence of sun light for long periods in both the North and South Poles.They have high CBD and low THC hence suitable for medical use.

  1. Feminized seeds

Feminized seeds are seeds that  mature to be female plants that yield the required bloom or bud. When a female plant develops male blooms, it generates feminized seeds. This is accomplished by providing light at specific periods during the dark hours of blooming or by spraying Colloidal Silver on the flower areas of a female plant, causing a chemical change in the plant that results in male flowers with pollen. Pollen from “masculine” flowers is used to pollinate other female flowers, and because the pollen from the “male” blossoms comes from a technically female plant, all children produced should be female. 100% or 98% of these seeds will produce female plants.

  1. Medicinal cannabis seeds

All cannabis strains are safe to use for medical purposes. Some varieties, however, are more suited due to the active ingredients and chemical compounds. Pain, muscular tension, poor blood circulation, nausea, spasms, chemotherapy, stress, problems sleeping, lack of appetite, sexual complaints, and hormonal issues can all be relieved by medicinal cannabis.


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