Outline of 36 northern numbers and the rules you need to know

The Northern 36-number lottery is a way of playing for professional players. Choosing to create a topic outline is a fairly standard preparation. Performing prediction with this way of playing is also quite easy to understand. They help some new players learn some more necessary skills when applying this method. In the following article, New888 will help you understand more about how to calculate this outline.

Learn about the Northern 36-number lottery

In the lottery field, there are many methods to help players build personal playing strategies, each method brings different results. One of the ways to play with a name and value that best suits it is the Northern 36-number lottery.

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To understand and apply how to play the 36-number unbeaten lottery, you need to know some of its basic concepts. Specifically, this method requires you to create a set of 36 numbers, choosing from 00 to 99. To choose this set of numbers, players need to use different prediction techniques to make predictions. guess correctly.

Detailed review on how to play 36-number lottery

The Northern 36-number lottery method brings high chances of winning to players, making a difference compared to other ways of playing such as single lottery (playing a single number) or double lottery (playing two numbers). Playing according to this pattern, you have a greater chance of winning because you play 36 numbers at once.

Playing this way, you can also learn more prediction skills, find good numbers and understand which numbers should not be chosen. This is especially good for lottery beginners, helping them play safer than other methods.

However, this way of playing also comes with some limitations. First, you need a large amount of capital to play 36 numbers at the same time. You also need to carefully combine it with other techniques such as playing lottery within a 2 or 3 day frame.

When playing a 36-number lottery, you need to consider carefully and prepare carefully, because playing many numbers at the same time can lead to losing a lot of capital if you do not win. Therefore, before deciding to play with this method, you need to calculate carefully and keep a strong mentality.

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Why should you bet on the 36 northern numbers?

Many people choose to play the undefeated 36-number lottery because of the safety it brings. In the lottery game, the element of chance accounts for the majority, so finding a safe playing method helps you participate longer.

Out of 100 numbers, if you only choose to play one number, your chance of winning is not high. However, when you decide to play 36 numbers at the same time, your chances of winning increase significantly. Furthermore, applying prediction techniques when choosing a lottery also helps enhance the ability to choose numbers accurately.

If you have strong investment capital, combining frame betting (betting based on a set of numbers for a certain period of time) is also a good choice. This ensures that when you win, you will receive stable profits and can maintain playing with the unbeaten 36-number lottery for a long time. To apply this way of playing effectively, you should allocate your capital appropriately.

Some forms of prediction for 36 numbers in the North

To create a 36-number lottery in the North, understanding prediction methods is very important. Here are some effective ways applied by experts:

Based on the super standard catch problem

You need to keep track of which lottery numbers frequently appear in the daily results. Observe for at least a week to identify high-explosive touches. From there, you can create a 36-number lottery based on these numbers. Combined with the method of raising frame lots will increase your chances of winning.

Based on the sum of the last 2 numbers, the special prize

This method is based on the sum of the last 2 numbers in the special prize. This way, you can create a set of 36 numbers to play over the next several days. This method can lead to two different outline results, depending on how you calculate and apply the total.


So you have just finished learning about the Northern 36-number lottery. This is an attractive form of betting with a high winning rate. Please visit the link to New88 to participate in betting on 36 numbers.


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