Do You Need a Tub Pillow? These 6 Benefits Might Convince You

Life is stressful and spending every weekend at the spa can be downright bankrupting. With the rise in popularity of self care at home, there are many products on the market that can help you relax and unwind after a stressful day at work or a tiring day of play. One of the latest products is a tub pillow. Although it’s not the top self care product, it is definitely one that brings a slew of benefits for people in need of a little TLC. Not 100 percent sure if a tub pillow is the right self care product for you? Read the following six benefits to figure out whether it’ll be a useful tool for your at home relaxation station:

Reduce pain

People who work desk jobs, do hard labor, and many different jobs in between experience some sort of musculoskeletal pain due to their work environment. Even world famous athletes often suffer from pain that can take them out of the game for days, weeks and even months at a time. Epsom salt baths are highly recommended for people suffering from various forms of musculoskeletal pain. However, many people can attest to how uncomfortable bath tubs actually are. The porcelain is hard, cold and unforgiving against your spine and upper neck. One quick and easy way to transform your bath is to use a bath tub pillow. A once hard and uncomfortable surface becomes a luxurious and painless experience.

Relax for longer

If you’ve been recommended to take multiple warm epsom salt baths a week, but struggle to follow through due to the uncomfort you experience while in the tub, you’re not alone! As mentioned above, tubs are downright uncomfortable and many are not made with the comfort of the human body in mind. When you add a bathtub pillow to your self care arsenal, you will effectively be able to relax more and for a longer duration of time. Not only this, but you’ll actually look forward to these baths that you once dreaded and will likely begin to start feeling results much sooner. Body pain is so much more than physical, it can cause plenty of mental anguish as well. So when your body begins to feel better sooner, your mind is likely to follow.

Bring the spa home

For many people, the spa is a wonderful place full of relaxation, comfort and wellbeing. But for many, it can be a difficult place to unwind. As the saying goes, there’s just no place like home. In addition to saving hundreds and potentially thousands of dollars a year, bringing the little luxuries of the spa to your home can help you make the most of your me time. If you find it hard to fully relax in a spa setting, partaking in at home self care routines might help you finally unwind. This is most beneficial for people with varying cases of agoraphobia, social anxiety, or other conditions that might make the spa a less than relaxing place. One easy and affordable way to bring a luxurious experience into your home is by investing in a bath tub pillow that will take your next bath bomb soak to the next level.

Stores with ease

Not into baths 24/7? No worries! Many bath tub pillows on the market can be installed and removed with ease in mere seconds. Not only this, but many bath tub pillows are relatively small and can be easily stored in a towel closet or bathroom storage compartment. This makes it super simple to allow yourself to indulge in some much needed self care while also giving you the freedom to host guests in your home as you please.

Easy to keep clean

In addition to its easy storage capability, it will be super simple to find a bath tub pillow that is a breeze to clean. Although baths are all about getting clean in a relaxing environment, bath pillows are often made of material that can trap water which can eventually lead them to smell a little unpleasant. Depending on the pillow you get, check the instructions for how to wash your pillow and what is recommended to extend the life of your latest relaxation tool. Many just require a rinse with fresh water while other can be washed in your washing machine.

Perfect for gifting

If a bath tub pillow isn’t the best thing for you, but you have someone in mind that might enjoy it – give it as a gift! This makes a great gift that your loved one is sure to enjoy often. You can get creative and make a self care gift basket full of goodies like face masks, body wash, lotion, epsom salt, bath bombs and more. These gift baskets make great housewarming gifts and are always appreciated by new parents who need a few moments to pamper themselves.


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