Eight Types of Chairs for Your Home

Chairs come in various designs and materials to fit any space or need. A chair can’t be defined as just a small chair or a big chair.

Let’s go over the pros and cons of each type of chair and what you should keep in mind while deciding which chair most suits your need.

1.  Wing Chair

A wing chair has short wooden legs, a solid back, and fabric or leather upholstery. It also has a sturdy seat. The “wings” or side panels on their high back distinguish the wingback chairs from others. They were initially designed to protect the seater from excessive fireplace heat or draughts.

A traditional wingback chair can be a substantial furniture piece, measuring more than 40 inches from the floor to the backrest.

2.  Occasional Chair

An occasional chair, as its name suggests, is used only on occasions. Occasional chairs are chosen mainly as an interior accessory and to use only when guests come over.

Occasional chairs are available in various sizes and shapes to complement any decor. Some chairs are small in size and design, while others are dramatic and oversized, serving as an accent piece or conversation in a room.

3.  Club Chair

A club chair is a sturdy, thickly padded armchair. It has lower arms and back than other chairs and is relatively box-shaped, though occasionally curved. Leather is commonly used to cover club chairs.

4.  Side Chair

Side chairs are mostly used as dining room chairs. They are small chairs with an open or solid back, a visible frame, and no arms. Side chairs are often sold in two, four or six sets.

5.  Recliner

A reclining chair is an oversized upholstered chair that reclines back for comfort and is commonly used for reading and watching television. Traditional and fashionable leather and fabric versions are available. A recliner allows you to relax with your feet up and then stow the footrest when you’re finished.

6.  Slipper Chair

A slipper chair is an upholstered armless chair with short legs and a high back. The small height of the chair distinguishes it from others and makes it a comfy choice for those who want a relaxed spot in their living room or bedroom. A slipper chair is available in various sizes, ranging from small to slightly oversized.

7.  Chair and a Half

A chair-and-a-half, slightly larger than a chair but smaller than a loveseat, is an instrumental piece of seating furniture. A chair-and-a-width half makes it an ideal piece of furniture for lounging. This chair is adaptable and can be used in various settings, including a small living room or a bedroom.

8.  Chaise Lounge

A chaise is a long chair that you can use to relax outdoors because its back is usually at a semi-reclining angle. It allows you to stretch your legs without using an ottoman. Backless chaise lounges with rolled or flared arms are frequently used at the end of a bed. They sometimes look like upholstered benches.


Consider how the chair will look with the rest of the furniture in your room and whether it will be a practical purchase—doing so will help you avoid making an impulse purchase. There appear to be an infinite number of chair options; make the best choice per your needs. Check out these two-sided and multi-use easel boards for kids.


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