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Facts About Homework Being Bad and How to Improve the Situation

Homework is a good method to reinforce knowledge. However, scientists and psychologists argue about the necessity of homework for students. Health organizations (NEA and NPTA) investigated the question and proved that a person should spend not more than 10 minutes per grade on home assignments. Unfortunately, most schools, colleges, and universities do not follow this requirement. 

Firstly, they give homework to preschoolers that is against the law. Secondly, an average 1st-grade pupil devotes 30 instead of 10 permitted minutes to do written assignments. Sometimes, it takes them more time to prepare tasks because of memorizing and projects. 

If you are the one who looks for someone to get your homework done online, it means that you suffer as well. Is all homework bad? What negative impact does it provide? How to avoid it?

What Are Negative Aspects of Homework

Many students and parents complain about having too many home assignments. About half of students worldwide cannot finish a term successfully because of burnout. Almost 75% of interviewed parents say that 90% of their family disputes concern their kids’ homework. 

Students who cannot manage their academic homework become vulnerable. They start suffering from headaches, exhaustion, stress, and anxiety. Students cannot relax and always feel under pressure. The main problem is that too much homework kills the children’s desire to study. They even fail to enter university after graduation from a compulsory school.

Why does it happen? Learners spend several hours at school or college. Then they either participate in club activities or go home. Instead of resting, students start reading, writing, creating PPTs and doing projects, and other tasks. Almost all of them want to rest and devote this time to fun. If they delay homework, they will need to go to bed late. That will cause sleeping problems and hurt learning abilities.

Why Do Students Cannot Handle Their Homework?

Students cannot cope with the academic load because of several reasons.

  1. Poor time-management skills. Learners, especially young ones, have difficulties with proper timing. They get distracted by social media, TV, home discussions, and routine duties. As a result, 24 hours are not enough to cover planned things.
  2. Multitasking. This skill requires experience. A person must know how to multitask without harm. It is a bad idea to chat with friends on Twitter and read or write something. Besides, one should better not deal with too many activities (school, after-class activities, parties, etc.) when having bad timing skills. 
  3. Curriculum. Some teachers do not consider the age of their learners. 4th-graders should spend not more than 40 minutes on homework a day. Unfortunately, this limit is not for slow-learners like phlegmatic individuals. Even fast learners might not cope with all tasks within that time frame. 
  4. Health conditions. School curricula are difficult for average students. What about those with hearing and visual problems? Or those who get exhausted pretty fast because of immune problems? 
  5. Lack of support. When students misunderstand something, there should be someone to help. It can be a personal tutor, a parent, a friend, or an online expert. Some tasks can be done in a couple of minutes if a student understands how to do them.Visit The Site: networldking52

Home assignments turn into a burden for college and university students who need to research, write, edit, memorize, experiment, etc. Moreover, their timetables usually include too many routine tasks. The consequences of such overload are psychological and physiological problems and low grades. 

How to Help Students Improve Their Homework Performance?

It is hard to break the system and delete all homework. Besides, some tasks help and stimulate a person’s logical and analytical thinking. Other assignments teach students to be great multitaskers and time managers. These two skills belong to the most required abilities in the job market today. Homework lets students check the acquired knowledge. If students have difficulties with it, a teacher can explain everything again to fill in the gaps.

How to avoid stress and depression connected with homework performance? Students should follow five helpful tips.

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First, it is necessary to develop a learning habit. Kids should know the exact amount of time. The best option is to motivate a child saying that 30 minutes will give them one hour for fun with friends or their favorite activity (skiing, skating, tennis, etc).

Second, the working environment must suit a child. Proper illumination, comfortable chairs and tables, greenery, zero distractors (TV, mobiles, music, noise), and stimulating examples from parents (Hooray, it is homework time) create positive associations.

Third, helpers or parents should teach students proper timing. We can do much more if we plan our day smart. It will be hard to follow the plan in the first days, but soon students will develop a habit and become more successful.

Fourth, multitasking is helpful. One may combine habitual activities with learning. For example, a student can wash up and listen to an audiobook. One can also read a book while sitting at a bus station or on a bus. 

Fifth, one should lead a healthy lifestyle. It concerns not only food and drinks. A person should also relax, do exercises for eye and back relaxation, and avoid energetics.

Students can benefit from homework without stress. One should just ask for help when needed and develop a healthy learning habit that deletes stress and negative associations.

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