How Do I Stop My Trailer From Fishtailing

Fishtailing can be dangerous when you’re on the road, especially if it’s a crowded highway and you’re dealing with a large trailer or heavy goods.  Whether you’re once a month or this is your daily job: you must do everything you can to stop that swaying from happening.

These are the top ways to stop your trailer from fishtailing and why destroying it matters.

Choose The Best Tow Vehicle

Your tow vehicle choice is important to ensure your trailer stops fishtailing.  Ensure when you’re choosing the vehicle you’ll tow with that you’ll pick the right option.  Some manufacturers offer trucks that come with specially designed towing options, while others will be clear on the weight and abilities of what they offer.

It’s better to have a vehicle that’s over-rated for towing what you need rather than one that’s just under the limit.  You don’t want to get on the highway and cause massive amounts of damage because you guessed wrong on whether or not it could handle it.

Keep Calm if Fishtailing Starts

If fishtailing starts: it’s vital that you keep calm.  Slow your speed down, and pay attention to your surroundings.  Try to avoid changing lanes much, and keep a steady speed.  If it’s getting worse and you feel like you’re losing control of the swing, it’s important that you calmly apply the trailer’s brake manually and try to pull your whole vehicle to a stop.

The best option is to slowly make your way to your destination, but if it’s proving impossible, you may have to pull over and park to see if you can have someone else tow it: which could be expensive.

Load Carefully and Thoughtfully

When loading your trailer, consider the weight limit and shape of it.  Keep all of the heavier items closer to the side of the trailer with the pintle hitch, and avoid piling everything on one side or the other.  If you have just a little bit left, but you think you’re going over your weight limit, leave it and come back.  Although this can be a pain, it’s better than your trailer ramming into someone’s car on the road.

Avoid High Wind Days and Watch Your Speed

If you know your trailer is prone to swinging and swaying: avoid taking it out onto the road on high wind days.  Although it’s better to seek out a more permanent solution: if you don’t have one yet, it’s better to avoid problems.

Invest in a Traction Control System and Install a Brake Controller

Traction control and a good brake system can stop your vehicle from fishtailing all over the place when used correctly.  This can be an expensive investment, but if you’re planning on towing at least once a month, it’s an investment you should make to be safe.  Install these with a careful eye for detail, and do a test drive before you do any long-hauling.  

Fishtailing Can Be Dangerous

Fishtailing can be dangerous for you and the vehicles and people around you: it’s important to nip this problem in the bud.  Take the time to fix your vehicle early and solve this problem for yourself.


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