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How Do You Grow Massive Weed Buds?

When you want to maximize your harvest, one thing that you’ll most likely think about is increasing your yields. But imagine growing massive weed buds? Wouldn’t that give you the best results ever?

So, how exactly do you achieve massive weed buds?  Even though it might sound like rocket science, especially to beginners, it is an effortless task to do. It all boils down to nurturing your marijuana plant every step of the way and fulfilling its needs.

In this post, we discuss a few tips that will help you grow massive weed buds.

  1. Use quality genetics

Relying on high-quality genetics before you begin your planting journey is crucial. Otherwise, the rest of the steps would not even matter. For this reason, you need to consider purchasing your marijuana seeds from a reputable online store.

  1. Provide enough light

If you’re an indoor grower, you can rely on artificial light to facilitate bud growth. And the more intense light you use, the higher yields and fatter buds. On the other hand, marijuana plants that do not get enough light stretch towards the light. And this makes them weak.

To increase the intensity of your light, you need to place your light near the canopy but not too close to avoid stressing out or burning the plants. If you notice the leaves beginning to yellow or wilt, move the light further away.

As you get to the flowering stage, you can use lights that fall in the red spectrum. That helps to coax out massive buds, which is what you’re looking for at the end of the day.

  1. Use enough nutrients

Once you transition to the flowering stage, you need to lower the nitrogen levels and increase phosphorus. The former helps with robust vegetative growth while the latter facilitates bud production. If you’re using soil to grow, you may choose to go the organic way.

  1. Observe the PH levels

Note that marijuana plants thrive well in a slightly acidic root environment of PH between 5.5-6.5. If the levels are outside this range, the roots may not soak up the required nutrients present in the medium. And this may inhibit the growth of massive buds.

For easy tracking, you use a digital PH meter. Adjusting the PH levels to the required ones should help you grow massive buds.

  1. Prune the right way

Pruning entails eliminating unnecessary plant parts to boost yields and growth. And in doing this, you could grow the largest, purest, and high-quality buds. You want to prune away all the sections that have not received enough light and only when the plants are in their vegetative state since they may need time to recover after this.

Avoid stressing out plats that are budding to avoid triggering the flowering phase.

  1. Train the marijuana plants

Another way to improve your yields and grow massive weed buds is by training the plants. When you do this, you allow for uniformity and equal distribution of resources. Remember to maintain the correct temperatures and humidity levels in the flowering stage to help grow the densest, potent and massive marijuana buds.

Ensure the carbon dioxide levels are high enough. And remember to harvest your buds at the right time.


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