How to sharpen lawn mower blades?

Make lawn maintenance is priority this season and get in the practice of sharpened the lawn mower blade personally to save time & expense. A sharp blade cuts the grass in your lawn faster and with less harm.

A rough blade will shred the tips of the grass and tug at the roots of your lawn, but a sharp blade will make clean cuts. Refining the blades after ten hours of usage is recommended by the manufacturers, but you’ll need to do it more frequently if you’re going over detritus like branches.

File the blades:

A single file is a simple instrument that can be used to sharpen a rough blade. To push down defects in the metal and sharpen the contour of the current edge, exert pressure towards the file and move it parallel to the edge of the tool. Try to position the blades in the clamp to do the opposite side when you have finished one side. It is a little slower than using a manual file for sharpening lawn mower blades, but it gets the job done.


Bench Grinder:

A bench grinder is indeed the quickest way to sharpen a lawn mower blade. Grinder the edges of the blades against the spinning wheel while wearing safety eyewear, earphones, and work gloves. You will hear a lot of noise and see a lot of sparks, but you will be able to sharpen the blade in only a few minutes. A bench grinder can also be used to restore a highly broken lawn mower blade that are difficult to file clean by hand.

Sharping Stone:

  • A blade sharpening stone bit works in a similar way to a bench grinder, although on a much smaller scale. It is indeed faster than manual filing, and the bit’s stone is built to fit the edge of the lawn mower blade, making it simple to sharpen with less effort.
  • Steps to follow while sharpen lawn mower blades:
  • The ignite wire must be disconnected out from plug. Clean the gas tank as well so that no fuel spills while you removing the blades.
  • Turn the lawn mower over to reveal the retention nut that secures the blade to the mower’s base. To remove the nut or bolt, use a big rotating wrench.
  • Take the mower blade off for removing the locking nut, noting which side of the blades faces below.
  • After that, you will be sharpening the blades with a drill-powered sharpener. The beveller surface of the stones grinds the optimal cutting position onto the blades.
  • After both cutting sides have been honed, the blade must be balanced. Sharpening can sometimes remove extra metal through one side of the lawn mower blade than others, leading in a blade that is imbalanced.
  • Replace the blade in its original location on the mower once it has been cleaned and adjusted. Lock the nut or bolt securely with the wrench. Reconnect the ignition wire, refill the tank of gas, test drive your freshly sharpened lawn mower.

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