Indian Herbs are not Only for Indians, but You can also Try those From Any Corner of the Globe

Indian foods are on the top list of food lovers generally. The main reason behind it is the different types of spices in every dish. We can describe India as a country of spices. These spices have an outstanding fragrance that attracts people.

There are more than 40 Indian spices which they use to increase the taste. Some of these are good for some specific dishes only. This article shall discuss some essential and regular Indianspices powders they use to cook.

Turmeric: One of the most common spices for Indian foods is turmeric. It is a yellow coloured spice with excellent flavour.Turmeric has many health benefits too. Turmeric is helpful to remove inflammation. Cooks use a minimal amount of it, usually for colour and flavour.

Cumin: Another important and common spice is cumin. It is a seed actually with an incredible scent. Indian cooks use it whole, powder, or paste while cooking.

Green cardamom: Green cardamom increases the fragrance of a dish. Indian people use it in almost every item whatever it is sweet or sour. It contains cineole.

Coriander: Coriander is a seed that is one of the most necessary spices for Indian cooking. Coriander has a slight aroma. A sprinkle of some coriander powder increases the tastes of foods.

Garam masala:The most common and famous spice for Indian dishes is garam masala. It is a combination of different spices like cumin, coriander, pepper etc. One or two teaspoons of garam masala powder are enough for attracting any food lover.

Black cardamom:Black cardamom has the same flavour as green cardamom. It is also an essential spice for Your cooking. There is a slight difference in using these two types. Black cardamom is dried over the fire until these are blackened and get a smoky flavour.

Ginger: Indian cooks use ginger in many dishes. It increases the taste of any food. Bedsides, ginger helps to tender the fish and meat while cooking.

Hing: Hing is one of the most aromatic spices in the world. It is a unique spice for Indian cooking. A minimal amount of Hing is enough for cooking.

Mango powder:  It is also known as ‘ Amchoor’. It is dried green mango powder. It gives a sour taste tothe curry.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon is the buckle of a tree. A small amount of cinnamon powder gives the dishes a delicious fragrance. You can use it for almost every item like fish, meat, sweets and so on.

Cloves: Cloves is another aromatic spice using in Indian recipes. Along with pleasant fragrance, it has health benefits too. Cloves are very useful to recover cough, toothache etc.

Black pepper: Black pepper is a spice with a bit of spicy taste. It is mainly remarkable for biriyani.  It makes biriyani more mouth-watering and spicy, and scented.

In conclusion,  Indian spices make the dishes favourite to the people of all over the world. A pinch of spice sometimes makes any dish more tasty, flavoured and lucrative indeed. People who love food from other countries visit India mostly to taste these spicy foods.


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