Lotus Insta Fair Facial Vs Oxylife Facial

In the context of best facial services, people have the option to opt for different types of facial services. Two notable ones with a range of benefits for skin include the Oxylife and Lotus Insta Fair Facial kit.

While they both equally help revitalize the skin, not everyone would have a similar experience. Before deciding on either, you must know what you can expect from each option.

Benefits of Lotus Fair Facial

Lotus INSTAFAIR Facial Treatment Kit has multiple benefits components and is composed of concentrated herbal actives. Ultimately, this influences the skin surface naturally and brings about a noticeable glow. 

The following are the main benefits you can expect from using this product. 

  • Herbal actives are effective components 

Indeed, the Lotus Fair product has a healthy supply of high-quality herbal actives. These are responsible for lightening the skin tone and actively regulates melanin control in the epidermis. Notably, the high herbal active content consistently hydrates the dermis layers as well. 

  • Suits multiple skin types 

One of the notable reasons why many people opt for this product is the fact that it suits different skin types. Bad side effects are rare for most users as long as they do not overuse the facial kit.

  • Lightens the skin

The herbal actives within the formula are highly concentrated and have a synergic effect on the skin. This brightens the skin tone naturally and improves a person’s skin complexion. 

  • Efficient natural moisturizer for the skin

The actives are available in a high percentage, which has a moisturizing influence on the upper dermis layer. Thereafter, you would see greater skin radiance and smoother skin tone. 

  • Duration of application is satisfactory 

It is best to use this product 2 times per month. One Lotus Fair facial product is usable for at least 6 sessions. To note, experts suggest not overdoing the skincare regime; too much of the product can damage instead of help.

Benefits of Oxylife Facial

In the context of an Oxylife Facial kit how to use guide, users would get clear glowing skin in 5 steps. You can rely on professionals or do it yourself at home. This product has an advanced formula that enriches the skin layers and delivers a noticeable skin brightness. 

The best factors you can expect here include the following. 

  • Gives off a radiant skin look naturally 

Users experience a naturally radiant appearance after applying this facial product that lasts longer. 

  • Properly nourishes the skin 

Created with patented German technology, the Oxylife Facial consistently gives a boost of pure oxygen in the skin pores.  This properly revitalizes and nourishes the dermis layers, improves cell metabolism, and promotes blood circulation. 

Plus, your skin blemishes and damage would heal faster, too.  

  • Hydrates the skin 

Users experience softer skin after getting this facial since it hydrates the layers properly. The deep nourishment from within improves skin health with every usage. 

  • Clears the skin of any impurities 

The Oxylife Facial kit for oily skin and other skin types properly cleanses the dermis layers and clogged pores. 

  • Revives dull lifeless skin 

People notice dull and lifeless skin layers due to many lifestyle factors like pollution, sun exposure, and stress. Indeed, these conditions severely deplete the oxygen levels in the skin which results in a darker complexion, patchy skin, and an aged appearance. 

However, the pure oxygen formula of this product naturally revives the skin’s pores and internally develops its quality and glow. 

What should you expect from the professionals at Zoylee during a facial service?

For your facial assistance, you can book your personalized appointment through the Zoylee online salon booking app. The specialists you would get in touch with are trained in different facial services. 

Consequently, they offer a range of skilled techniques and facial kit options. Here, you can expect the following benefits. 

  • Options available for the best salon services 

You would notice many services and experts available via the online salon booking application. After carefully checking their offers and reviews, you can select the best service provider for you. 

Also, you can note the Lotus Fair vs Oxylife Facial kit price among the offers available. Then, select the best economical option for you. 

  • Professional evaluation of the skin type first 

The professional salon experts available via Zoylee have experience and expertise in skincare practices and facial services. Plus, they understand how important it is to know the skin type before choosing a skincare practice for a client. 

Indeed, a compatible product choice would avoid further skin damage, reaction, and side effects. So, they conduct expert skin evaluation first. 

  • Quick booking and appointment service 

The process of booking appointments is easy through the Zoylee app. Users can simply search by service type, location, and salon and securely pay online within a few minutes. 

  • Provides at-home skincare regime tips 

The professionals offer skincare tips for clients to practice at home to maintain healthy skin conditions.


Overall, choose the type of facial kit you need based on your main requirement, whether at a salon or home. Also, consult with experts in the field for the best facial treatment that would suit you.


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