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We all know that songs are an important source of entertainment, which people enjoy with great pleasure. Now, there are many songs available on the Internet provided by many sites. In addition to that, Masstamilan is one such site that packs all kinds of Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada songs. Besides, this site is an illegal website with all content in the illegal form.

However, all songs on this site currently have various resolutions or formats. All its users can select these formats as they see fit. At the same time, the quality of downloading songs is very high in HD quality. All users can enjoy listening to songs after downloading them from here.

History of the Masstamilan Site

Earlier, these sites were ardent to movies rather than songs. Now, the best thing about this is that it was full of Tamil movies and so on. But, to bring all music lovers their best and favourite songs, this site came into action. You will be able to download songs from this site easily. It uploads all songs on the site within days of the theatrical release of movies. All its users will be able to choose or search their desired songs on the site and download it for free.

How does it work?

As I said before that Masstamilan is an illegal website, so it works in the same way as other illegal websites. However, all its content has been copied illegally and is not trustworthy. But, the best thing about this site that I liked the most is it contains all regional songs from Telugu, Tamil and Kannada and Malayalam. Its search panel allows its users to search and find their desired songs.

Is it safe to access the Masstamilan site?

It is an illegal website, so it is not secure at all. Now, all illegal sites are banned in our country due to legal problems. Besides, all content on this site is all in illegal form and is not safe at all. However, this site is operating illegally on the Internet that is against the law. So, if anyone is caught downloading songs from this site, he or she can be condemned for punishment under the government’s requirements.

Is it legal to use the Masstamilan site?

The Masstamilan is an illegal site whose song downloading is also said as illegal. Now, the government has banned these websites under the anti-piracy law. Furthermore, indulging in such sites is not considered legal and safe. That’s why all the peoples should keep their distance from such websites as they are against the law.

Specialities from Masstamilan’s website

There are many specialities or features of the Masstamilan site that are apparent by the users while downloading songs and web series here. Well, these qualities make this website more common among people. Moreover, this site is designed to bring all the favourite songs of all languages ​​under one roof. Its specialities are remarkable and loved by every user. Now, these are the features of the Masstamilan website:

  • This site is user-friendly and mobile-friendly. The user has no issues operating it.
  • All songs can be downloaded from the website for free by following some simple steps. At the same time, you won’t have to pay additional costs for downloading songs from here.
  • There are numerous resolutions of songs from which you can select the desired song download formats.
  • All the songs in the South Indian language are available in Masstamilan. The users of various regions can discover their kind of songs here like Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada.
  • This site also has a search panel to search for the songs users want and download them from the website later.


I don’t support these types of websites as they are banned in the country. At the same time, these sites are also illegal and not at all safe. Besides, this website may offer all types of songs for download, but they are not safe.


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