Pain Problems How Do You Treat Chronic Pain

Pain, pain, go away.

Sure, it’s a cheesy spin on a nursery rhyme, but the sentiment is true for people living with chronic pain.

In 2016, 20 percent of Americans suffered from chronic pain. Considering that the percentage could be higher due to misdiagnosis or lack of treatment, the statistic is staggering.

If you live with constant pain, suffer no more. Read on to learn about how to live your life to the fullest with proper chronic pain management.

Listen to Your Body

Debilitating pain is an invisible disability. For an accurate diagnosis, your doctor has to be proactive about your reports of pain.

Too many doctors dismiss reports of chronic pain, causing a delay of pain management and treatment for years at a time.

Become a confident self-advocate. Your pain is not an illusion, and you’re not complaining for attention. You’re not making excuses for yourself, and you’re not lazy or weak.

If your pain prevents you from living your best life, your need for chronic pain treatment is valid. Listen to your body and don’t allow someone to dismiss you because of their clout as a medical professional.

Don’t stick with a doctor who dismisses your concerns. You are allowed a second opinion.

You don’t even have to inform the first doctor that you’re seeking a second opinion. Call their receptionist and transfer your records to another practice. When you request your records, you don’t have to volunteer any reasons for doing so, and you won’t have to speak to your doctor before the records are released.

Get a Referral

Address your pain with your primary care physician. The right primary care doctor will listen to you, take notes, and then make a referral.

As a patient, make an informed decision on which pain management specialist you’ll see. Of course, your primary care doctor can make a referral at their discretion if you have no preference, but you can have a hand in picking your medical team.

Use a resource like to research chronic pain specialists in your area. Once you choose a doctor, check if your insurance covers that provider. When you’re sure you’ll be covered, ask your primary care doctor to refer you to that specific doctor.

Seek Out Holistic Pain Therapy

Are you interested in alternative medicine?

Feel free to treat your pain with an alternative and holistic approach even as you pursue conventional chronic pain treatments.

Your options for holistic pain management include:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Acupuncture
  • And massage

You don’t need a referral to see an acupuncturist, a chiropractor, or a massage therapist.

That said, keep your chronic pain doctor aware of any alternative treatments you use. Transparency and good communication with your medical team is paramount when making chronic pain medication decisions.

Kick Chronic Pain to the Curb

Are you ready to stop letting chronic pain rule your life?

Now that you know the process, you can manage your pain instead of allowing it to manage you.

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