10 Makeup Tips Straight From Professionals

Does your makeup never look on point? Or you always struggle with a perfect cat eye liner? Not every woman has yet aced the art of putting the makeup perfectly and that’s okay. Doing makeup and loving makeup are two things and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Makeup is all about dressing yourself in the right shine and glamour. 

If you want to step out with the perfect makeup skills then you don’t need to invest on expensive brands nor need a constant 24/7 makeup artist with you but just a bunch of smart tips to dress your face up in the shiniest and prettiest version of yourself. 

Know your Products

Just because the packaging is cute or the glass lid is embossed, doesn’t mean the inner will be cute. No hate against cute packages or brands who spend hundreds of dollars just on achieving the perfect look (after all they need to create an impression), but buying makeup should be about what suits you not what is trending. If you think gel liner is your calling go for it, if you love a kajal pencil and it blesses your eye perfectly hoard it, if blue liner looks great on you, then buy it. 

Makeup should be about what complements you and what makes you feel comfortable. Make sure you try out new things but just for the sake of experimenting and not to impress anyone. Here is a tip, shop with Ulta beauty coupon to get all your makeup from Ulta and not drain your bank too. 


A good makeup can make no difference if your skin isn’t prepped to host it. Yes, the texture, health, cleanliness and moisture level of your skin, all play a vital role how your entire look will play out. Make sure you are not just adding fruits into your shampoo or buying facewashes with avocado extract but also feeding your body well. You are what you eat and this phrase couldn’t be anymore truer. 

Try adding vegetables and fruit in your diet. Green leafy vegetables are extremely good for skin. Go for eating one cucumber each day, it will moisturize your face internally and you will glow. Also, don’t forget to hydrate yourself. 8 glasses of water each day and maybe even more?

Eye Shadow

We all love eye shadow palettes and they are the best. The combination of so many shades staring right back at you makes your heart full. Okay enough exaggeration, but eye shadows should not be ignores. Even if it’s a small brunch of a tiny event, leaving your eyes naked can give a dull look. 

Try to go for nude shades if you are going out for a tiny gathering, or even for a fancy event don’t go too cartoonish with your eye shadows. Make sure it shows what you apply but don’t make the heads turn to you with stifled laughter, if you know what we mean. 

Lip Tint

A lip tint is your best buddy, not only because it goes for your cheeks and eyes too but lip tint can make your entire face glow. Especially when you are running late and cannot do a whole lot of makeup look, grab a lip tint and swipe it on your lips. The cherry red colors or even tiny pink shade will help you look great. They are also an inexpensive way to look on point always. 

Sun Block

Not many people realize this but skincare is part of makeup. It seems separate because many people consider makeup ruins your skin but it is not true especially if you do everything right and follow our tips *wink*. A sun block should be the first thing you pick when you decide to go out. 

As global warming is taking a horrible turn the sun is no longer our body. You might love the natural tan but the UV rays are damaging than before. Make sure you keep your skin protected against harsh rays and use a dermatologically approved sunblock. Try opting for multiple options over a spread timeline and choose the best fit for you. 

The Right Way to Buy A Mascara

If your vanity even complete without a mascara? We don’t think so. A mascara is an important part of a makeup box and there is no way you should skip that. But to choose the mascara right way, that’s a challenge. The brush is responsible for a lot of the value in mascara. If you discover a brush that works for your lashes, keep it and clean it once you’ve used all the mascara that came with it. You might be able to make a cheaper mascara work for you by replacing the brush with your salvaged brush.


Do you rub in your primer with finger tips? Well stop!!!! Finger tips and primer are the worst combination and you shouldn’t be following that. It is important that you use palms to rub in the primer into your skin. Because the finger pores can cause primer to be applied into clumps which is caused by micro exfoliation. 

Set Your Mirror Right

Your appearance might be ruined if your mirror is too low down. When applying makeup, always gaze upwards since it is a more attractive viewpoint. Place your mirror atop some books if it’s too low. Many people apply their makeup downwardly, but you won’t feel as good about yourself or your completed appearance if you do so. Mirrors should always be placed high on the wall.

Hair Products as Makeup Fixers

We get what you’re thinking: aren’t hair products meant to be used on hair? Gels and hairsprays, on the other hand, perform wonderfully for keeping looks, particularly brows, in place. Just be cautious in how you employ them.

Applying Foundation

This is new, especially for those who just bought expensive foundation brush. Some cosmetic artists say that you wouldn’t use your hands to paint a wall, so why would you use them to apply foundation? In some ways, it makes sense, but some also feel that sometimes the greatest finish comes from your fingertips.


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