An E-card is a digital version of a postcard or greeting card. Publishers make e-cards

accessible on different websites, where they may be sent to recipients. It is also regarded as more eco-friendly than paper cards. Let’s take a look at our online greetings ecards site.


According to Wothappen Sendwishonline is the biggest ecards website in the world, with an amazing collection of categories and styles to choose from. Although it is based in Montreal, Canada, the whole team behind this website is dispersed around the world. Our dedicated staff works tirelessly to ensure that you get the highest quality ecards for your loved ones on time.

The main aim of this website is to provide you with the best collections of ecards without any

charges. This website provides all that collection about which everyone searches. We provide ecards for every festival, party, cheers, baby birth, and many more. The audience can easily be attracted to the collection, categories, colors, and especially the text on the card. It gives you a real feel and emotions. It is a company that shares the emotions of people in the form of ecards. We have much enthusiasm and love for their customers. So you can Explore our amazing site for all types of Best ecards either it is for family, friends, bosses, coworkers, etc. Choose your good one and send it to your favorite person and family members.


If you wanna see something best and something completely different in terms of features, then Sendwishonline website is the right place to visit. Our amazing features also include animated ecards and simple ecards with fabulous attractive designs, vibrant eye catchy colors. Our online group greeting ecards provides you with the Unlimited signature features in which you can count the wish but not the signature. GIFs and stickers give a real animation touch. The most important things in the cards are their fancy and font styles. You can easily change the font color according to your need. And the most important thing is to add a photo of your loved ones.

New and Updated features

Everyone likes ecards because they make them feel pleased and add a realistic touch to their day. Our team has concentrated its efforts on the characteristics of ecards to the greatest extent possible. We are always adding new features to our online ecards, such as the ability for anybody anywhere on the planet to sign your card. Our website sendwishonline ensures that all of our ecards are eco-friendly and easy. Simply use our beautiful and interesting cards, which are free of charge.


These cards are specialized in collecting the desires of many individuals into one common card. They usually enable donors to type their words, but there are sites like our website, which allows users to handwrite their messages and attach photos and presents to them.

Surprise someone with ecards and be surprised by your ingenuity

Take pleasure in receiving a card on your birthday, during significant vacations, and on rare

occasions by creating your ecards to enliven the spirits of anybody to whom you want to send:Design your mother’s favorite card in her favorite colors and flowers, create beautiful little birthday cards for your kid, or create humorous ecards for your best friend! There are so many possibilities!

Sendwish is user-friendly drag-and-drop interface enables you to include your pictures in your ecards, making them more personal and one-of-a-kind.

Sharing platforms for ecards

Our website’s ecards are prominently shown throughout all social media platforms. We put a lot of emphasis on our keywords, our design, and our template creation. We had a positive reaction from every social media site we used. The numerous social media channels that we use to reach our target consumers are quite effective.

How to share?

One of the most essential, but basic, questions that individuals have is how they may share their ecards with others. As a result, it is as simple as eating cupcakes. You may just follow the instructions and then email them to your loved ones with relative ease. The timely delivery of our free ecards is included in our systems, so you don’t have to bother about setting a timer; just set the appropriate time and go to sleep. It will be immediately sent to your chosen recipient.

About Wishboard

We include the system of wishboard on our website through which you can convert group cards into Wishboards. It is our most amazing feature. Do you want to know how wishboard ecards are used in the office? It’s similar to creating an online bulletin board that everyone can sign. Check out more ideas on how to use the Wish Board in your office. Several companies are bringing their bulletin boards online.

Keep your employees informed, motivated, and connected. You can also email us at

[email protected] for any queries or any information about the group ecards or wish boards.


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