These days, there are endless marijuana strains in the market, making it more difficult for first-time growers to choose a suitable strain. But, auto-flowering cannabis strains have become a boon to many cannabis growers as they are easy to grow and provide faster results. One of the major advantages of auto-flowering weed strains is that you can find various options such as high THC or high CBD seeds or some that bring out a balance of both components.

Autoflowering marijuana strains result from careful breeding for an extended period, and it is easy to see why they are the perfect choice for many growers. Here are the benefits.

They finish the life cycle early.

The most appealing advantage of the auto-flowering marijuana strains is their faster life cycle. The time auto-flowering strains take to finish their life cycle is equivalent to the time the other strains take to reach their flowering stage. Typically, they can take from seven to ten weeks to maturation. For growers who want to harvest their buds quickly, auto-flowering seeds from an early finishing outdoor marijuana seeds collection provide that satisfaction.

Yields throughout the year

One unique thing about auto-flowering cannabis strains is that they do not depend on the regular light cycles to produce flowers. They flower automatically when they reach a certain age, regardless of the light they are exposed to. That means you can grow them severally in a year to achieve multiple harvests, which means greater yields.

They allow for discreetness.

Everyone does not have to know that you are growing marijuana in your backyard or indoors. Autoflowering marijuana strains give much-needed discreetness when cultivating them. They tend to be short, and their height ranges from 60-100cms. That means you can even grow them in your balcony or hidden locations without anyone noticing.

With a faster growth cycle and a short stature, you can set up and dismantle the cultivation set up within a short period. Their short stature is also advantageous if you have less room for cultivation.

More resilient to harmful environmental conditions

Autoflowering cannabis strains originate from cannabis ruderalis. Their heritage makes them more resilient to cold temperatures, infections, and pests. Cannabis Ruderalis originates from the north, where the climate is characterized by very short and cold summers. As a result, cannabis ruderalis evolved to bloom quickly before the harsh winter. Unlike the other strains, it starts blooming immediately after the launch of the leaves to take advantage of the available light.

That makes auto-flowering cannabis strains more forgiving for novice growers and also suitable to cultivate in the coldest regions.

Less maintenance

Autoflowering cannabis strains require less maintenance during cultivation. That is why they remain the most popular choice for first-time cultivators. They are resilient to harsh climatic conditions, they flower at their own time regardless of the light exposure, and are more resistant to pests and infections. Thus, a grower has less to worry about.

Higher CBD content

Autoflowering strains have a higher CBD content than other photoperiod strains. The non-psychoactive CBD in these strains offers pleasant health benefits as the user consumes without experiencing a high. That makes it essential for medicinal use.

the bottom line

The good news is that auto-flowering weed strains continue to get better as breeders continue to develop new crossbreeds.


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