Rent A Car In Abu Dhabi With The Best Deals And Offers

Abu Dhabi is the best city in the United Arab Emirates and also the capital of UAE. Those tourists who visit UAE always visit Abu Dhabi. When you visit here you need a car to look at the beauty of this city so in this case, you have the option of Rent A Car Abu Dhabi.

More rental companies in this city provide you the best offers for rent a car. You can hire your custom car at good rates.

Hire Low Price Cars:

In this beautiful city, you have an option to keep low price car for rent, in the case when you have less amount. These low price cars are in the category of economy cars. The positive side of these cars is that they mostly contain more seats, which means you can travel with friends easily and enjoy the most advanced city in UAE.

List Of Economy Cars

There are more cars for you with a reasonable rental price throughout UAE. Let’s divide these cars according to seat ability.

5 Seater Economy Cars

Those Economy cars in which you can travel with your 4 other friends or family members comfortably are listed below.

Nissan Xtrail 2020

Nissan Xtrail 2020 is available for you when you visit Abu Dhabi. This car has some specific features like this car can travel easily with 5 passengers and also you can take 3 medium size bags. This car also contains a GPS due to which you will be able to visit every corner of the city, in this car you will see the touchscreen LCD which increase your fun with friends or family.

Apart from this, there is the feature of a reverse camera. This beautiful car is available in black color contains 4 doors with monthly rental charges of AED 2699, with a limited 5000 km distance. In case when you cross this limit you will charge 0.5 AED per km.

Nissan Sentra 2019

Same as Nissan Xtrail, Nissan Sentra also contain the place of 5 people it is mean that this car is fit for 5 passengers. This car contains a daily package, weekly package, and monthly package with a security deposit of 1500 AED. If you are with your friends and want to see the whole city Rent A Car Abu Dhabi will help you.

The daily rental price of this car is AED 120 with a maximum 350 km distance. The weekly price is up to AED 720 with a maximum 1500 km distance and the monthly rental price is AED 1899 with a maximum of 4500 km distance. If you cross the distance limit you will pay an extra 0.40 AED per km. When you want to drive this car the very important rule is your age must be at least 23 years.

Renault Symbol 2017

This economy car is available in white color. 5 passengers with 2 medium size bags can easily travel in this car. While driving this car, the driver must be at least 23 years old with an international driving license. The security fee of this car is 1500 AED and it contains daily weekly and monthly packages of different rental prices.

The daily rental price of this car is up to AED 70 with a distance limit of 350 km. similarly, the weekly rental price is up to AED 484 with a maximum distance limit of 1500 km. and lastly the monthly rental price is up to AED 1350 with a limited distance of 4500 km. don’t cross the given distance limit otherwise, you will pay extra charges per km.

In case when you are in search of other 5 seater cars you can also hire them through Rent A Car Abu Dhabi. The other 5 seater cars are Ford EcoSport 2017, Nissan Sunny 2018, Nissan Sentra 2019, Nissan Altima 2019, Kia Sportage 2020, and many more.


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