Revealing 3+ Most Effective New88 Lottery Calculation Methods for Players

You want to learn how to calculate Most effective lottery New88 to conquer lucky numbers? Do you want to learn the secret of fortune-telling from professionals to easily win brilliantly? So don’t miss this article, let’s follow along to grasp the full set of tips for correct prediction without adjustment.
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What is the lottery calculation?

Before going to the calculations Most effective lottery New88, we need to find out some information. Firstly, NEW88 lottery is a betting subject legally recognized in our country.

Conceptually, this is understood as the player applying methods to find potential numbers and play accordingly. Because in reality, they do not appear randomly but will return based on certain rules.

That’s what the calculations are for Most effective lottery New88 always sought after by many players. Because based on that information, players will be able to refer to it to find the right choice. At the same time, it also increases your winning rate significantly.

Summary of the 4 most effective New88 lottery calculations from experts

To have a winning streak when playing the lottery, relying on luck alone will not be enough. Players need to be equipped with a lot of real combat experience to be more confident when participating. In particular, newbies can refer to some good prediction tips compiled from experts below, specifically as follows:

Praying with silver memory

Calculation Most effective lottery New88 The first is prediction based on silver memory. The reason it is chosen by many people is because it is simple to make but brings a high eating rate. Specifically, the prediction based on memory is as follows:

  • When today comes 88, tomorrow bet on 64 or 37
  • Yesterday, bet on 00, today play pair 06, 60 or 89, 98
  • Today the number 18 appeared, tomorrow it could be 18 or 81
  • Today there is a 21, there is a high possibility that tomorrow there will be 12, 90 or 87.
  • Today it’s pair 03 – 40, tomorrow it’s pair 03, 30
  • Yesterday I bought pair 14, 41, tomorrow I forgot to pay pair 67, 76
  • Today bet on 43, tomorrow bet on 37, 73
  • Today’s special prize is 54, tomorrow will definitely be 87, 78,…

Prediction according to the white player

According to the survey, for every 100 players, there will be 85 people who choose the white card prediction method. That shows that this is also the calculation Most effective lottery New88. Therefore, some of the following effective white card prediction experiences drawn from experts will be useful for new players:
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  • First, when you see a fish coming back for 2 consecutive days, there is a high possibility that it will fall continuously for 2-3 days. Therefore, players should bet money on it and don’t forget to play with a flip number to ensure more effectiveness.
  • Next, when you see a certain animal that doesn’t appear for a long time. Instead, it is a repetition of the old number, players should consider raising the 3-day frame.

Calculated according to G4, G5 and GDB

Calculation Most effective lottery New88 This is considered suitable for new players. Specifically, players need to pay attention to GDB today. Then compare to see if the numbers of GĐB and G4, G5 are the same. If there is, the player chooses the remaining 2 numbers of G4 or G5 to make the pin for the next day.

Calculation example Most effective lottery New88 This is as follows:

  • Today the lottery is 24, you check the 10 prizes in G4 and G5 to see if 24 comes out. Specifically:
    • 1248 has 24 in the middle, you play the remaining 2 numbers – 18.
    • 2433 has 24 at the beginning, you bet on the remaining 2 numbers -33.

Follow G7

One of the calculations Most effective lottery New88 Experts advise new players to use it according to G7. In the Northern lottery results, G7 has a total of 4 prizes and each prize consists of 2 digits. You can consider the dropped one or pair G7. Normally, the G7 drop will explode continuously for 3 consecutive days.

For example:

  • Today’s lottery number 7 is 87, 26
  • In the next 2 days, you should follow these 2 numbers for prize 7.

Also, how to calculate Most effective lottery New88 Pairing prize 7 with special prize is also applied when the first prize of prize 7 and the last prize of special prize are the same. At this time, you take that same number and match it with the first and middle numbers for the special prize. From there, we get 2 investment pairs for the next day.

For example:

  • Today’s special prize appears in the sequence 67283 and the 7.4 prize is the number 31
  • Matching pairs yields 2 pairs 36 and 63, 32 and 23.

Above are some calculations Most effective lottery New88 from experts has been shared with players. Hope your article NEW88 will bring useful knowledge to help players easily close numbers and collect huge bonuses as expected!


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