Siapa Nama Saudara yang Lebih Tua dari Petenis Profesional William Bersaudara?

When it comes to the world of professional tennis, the Williams sisters have made an indelible mark. Venus and Serena Williams are synonymous with success, talent, and a shared passion for the sport. However, there’s often a curiosity about their family dynamics, particularly regarding the older sibling. In this article, we’ll explore the question: Siapa Nama Saudara yang Lebih Tua dari Petenis Profesional William Bersaudara?

The Dynamic Duo of Tennis Dominance Venus and Serena


Williams emerged on the tennis scene with unprecedented power and skill. Their achievements include numerous Grand Slam titles, Olympic gold medals, and a significant influence on the sport’s culture. As we delve into the family history, it’s essential to acknowledge the immense impact these sisters have had on tennis and beyond.

Family Background and Early Years

To understand the hierarchy among the Williams siblings, we need to explore their family background. Richard Williams, their father, played a pivotal role in introducing them to tennis. Growing up in Compton, California, Venus and Serena honed their skills on public courts, laying the foundation for their future success. However, there’s more to the Williams family story, including the presence of other siblings.

Introducing Yetunde Price – The Eldest Sibling

Contrary to popular knowledge, Venus and Serena have an older sister named Yetunde Price. Yetunde, born on August 9, 1972, was the first child of Richard and Oracene Price. While she did not pursue a professional tennis career like her younger sisters, Yetunde played a crucial role in supporting and encouraging their athletic endeavors.

Tragedy Strikes the Williams Family

The Williams family faced a tragic incident in 2003 when Yetunde Price was fatally shot in Compton. Her untimely death deeply affected Venus and Serena, highlighting the challenges and adversities the family endured on their journey to success. Yetunde’s memory remains an integral part of the Williams family narrative.

Nurturing Talent and Achieving Greatness


Venus and Serena have often credited their upbringing and the values instilled by their parents for their success. Despite the challenges, the Williams sisters continued to shine on the tennis court, showcasing a resilience that has inspired many aspiring athletes worldwide.

In conclusion, when we ask, “Siapa Nama Saudara yang Lebih Tua dari Petenis Profesional William Bersaudara?” the answer is Yetunde Price. While Venus and Serena Williams dominate the headlines with their tennis prowess, it’s crucial to recognize the broader familial context that has shaped their journey. The Williams family story is one of triumph, tragedy, and unwavering support, making them a unique and enduring force in the world of tennis.


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