The Art of Pairing Chocolate and Wine

You may be surprised at how many kinds of wine and chocolate you can pair together. Just as each wine is distinct on its own, every type of chocolate offers something unique and special. As you get to know the tastes, aromas, and mouthfeel of your favorite wines and chocolates, it is up to your taste preferences which will win out in the end. The most important thing you need to do is know what kind of wine or chocolate you’re drinking beforehand. Once you’ve found the perfect wine for your sweetheart, you can focus on the perfect chocolate for your taste buds.

Chocolate – Wine’s Best Friend

Chocolate has long been praised for being wine’s best friend. The white and dark chocolate varieties are full of flavor and go best with different types of wines. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether it was the notion of pairing dinner with wine that first brought chocolate into popularity or if it was a different type of beverage that caused people to discover its hidden talents as a dessert. If you have ever needed the excuse to get chocolate subscriptions for you and your friends, then learning to pair chocolate and wine is perfect.

Here are some general rules for pairing wine with chocolate.

Pairing Wine with Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolates taste richer than milk or white chocolate, but when paired with the right wines you can create a combination that can be used for almost any occasion. Red wines are known to be the best for pairing with dark chocolate, but don’t shy away from white or rose wines as well.

Select a red wine that is made in a similar style to the chocolate you have in mind. For example, if you have some extra strong 72% dark chocolate sitting around, it’s probably not a good idea to pair it with your favorite chardonnay. You might be able to still pull off this combination, but it’s not very likely that you will enjoy either of these tastes.

Instead, select a red wine that has similar tastes like berry-like notes and spice flavors that would go well with this type of chocolate.

Pairing Wine with Milk Chocolate

Pairing milk chocolate with white wine gives the wine a background flavor that complements the milder taste of milk. This is also true when pairing milk chocolate with dry white wine or a glass of rose wine. You will want to choose something simple and light, such as an unoaked Sancerre.

Pairing Wine with White or Rose Chocolate

Any white wine will work well when you pair it with white or rose chocolate, but you may want to consider using a blanc de noirs, which is a white wine made from red grapes. These wines offer a strong flavor that complements white chocolate, and they should not be confused with a rosé which is a red wine made from white grapes.

Even though there are only a few wine and chocolate pairings, you can do a lot with them. Experimenting will help you find the best tasting combinations so that you can enjoy your favorite wines with your favorite chocolates.


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