The Benefits of Having a VPN

Browsing the Internet is a modern-day luxury that keeps the world connected and entertained while scrolling on social media and playing online games.

As you set up the VPN system for your network, kick back and relax with slot games like starburst on NetBet. Securing your network can be tiresome, but small breaks here and there can help you gain the clarity you need to keep going with the process.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for the virtual private network. Essentially, while you are on a public network, it protects users utilizing it by creating a private network within the public one to shield personal information from possible hackers. This means that your email accounts and passwords to various websites are protected from hacking.

Rather than tracking your browsing history to see what website you have been on, the VPN encrypts the connection so that the public network does not publish this history which would be available to hackers.

Peace of Mind When Utilizing a Public Network

When you log on to public Wi-Fi from your local library, fast food restaurant, or doctor’s office, you want the peace of mind that your browsing history and personal information are protected from hackers. Having a VPN allows you to feel more secure within yourself that your information is only yours and not accessible to unacceptable third parties.

Brave Against DDoS Attacks

If you do PC gaming, you are at risk for DDoS attacks whether you are public Wi-Fi or even your home network. DDoS stands for distributed denial-of-service, which is a type of cyber attack where the hacker makes an Internet connection not available to the gamer.

This can be frustrating for gamers, especially as they are attempting to grind to get a higher level in an RPG game. A delightful game night should not be messed up because of DDoS attacks. Avid gamers should take care to get a VPN, especially if they are on public Wi-Fi playing their games, but it can also be best for a home network.

Reduces Bandwidth Throttling From Internet Service Providers

PC gamers and general web surfers are also susceptible to their devices undergoing bandwidth throttling from their Internet service provider. This means that they deliberately reduce the communication speeds while gaming or surfing the Web which makes it harder for new pages to load. If the Internet network itself is too congested with many Internet users, bandwidth throttling will ensure that the network is up and running despite the slower speeds.

Having a VPN system will reduce the likelihood of dealing with bandwidth throttling, which mostly happens if you are on a lower-speed Internet plan.


Try out the Lao Wang VPN system to see for yourself the benefits of a safe and secure browsing experience while using public networks or your home Internet service. It’s a crazy world out there and hackers are everywhere attempting to get your personal information. Take the extra step to protect yourself and your assets by signing up for a VPN system today!


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