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Most investors have a low opinion when it comes to watches. They view such as a bad investment because of how quickly they lose value. But Rolex watches are a good investment with a reputation of holding and even increasing value over time. The company makes excellent watches that are robust and don’t require much maintenance. But truth must be told, Rolex is not for those who are struggling financially. After all, which average person would dare buy a diamond-studded Rolex watch? The watch’s value is what makes it such an exceptional brand and selective on its target market. 

Here are some Rolex types found on Rolex watch centers 


This is a “benchmark watch” among divers and an embodiment of the historical link between Rolex and the underwater world. With a solid-link Oyster bracelet and unidirectional rotatable bezel, its introduction in the market marked a historical turning point and set a standard for diver’s watches. 

It has a luminescent Chromalight display, an innovation perfect for improving visibility in dark environments. That’s pretty essential for divers. 

The innovative manufacturing features make this watch singularly precise and a reliable piece. 


Are you a racing driver and looking for the perfect watch for measuring elapsed time? Then the Role Daytona is the wristwatch piece you need. The watch type draws its name from the twentieth century in Florida, where racing flourished. 

It’s such a rare type to find due to its limited production runs. After it got popular, Rolex decided to keep its production numbers low to preserve the high demand- what an ingenious marketing strategy. 

Their dial is uniquely made from a metallic meteorite which is rare natural material from outer space. The watch’s bezel is molded with a tachymetric scale that measures speeds up to 400 miles per hour. It blends high technology with sleek aesthetics. The black bezel reminisces the 1965 model that carried a black Plexiglas bezel insert. It’s a perfect benchmark for those with a passion for driving speed. 

The central sweep seconds can allow up to 1/8 seconds with two counters on the dial displaying the elapsed time in minutes and hours. That makes it so perfect for drivers to map out their track times without fail.


This is a Rolex Collection type that embodies the spirit of a sailor and is bound by Rolex’s rich heritage in the world of sailing since the ’50s. The Yacht mater brings together the finest of the Rolex technology, creating a regatta chronograph built for track racing. 

The Rolex Yacht-master is one of the Rolex’s finest, which falls into the professional category. It’s A Rolex’s brand flagship sports timepiece with an ideal blend of function and style. It features a rotatable bezel, a programmable countdown, and on-the-fly synchronization. It’s a perfect blend of simplicity, sportiness, and luxury.  

There’s a wide assortment of Cellini watches and Oyster perpetual offered by Rolex. You can take time and discover a wide selection and perfect combination of Rolex timepieces by Chang Ein Hong Watches.


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