The Brief and Only Hockey Equipment Checklist You’ll Ever Need

Are you looking for ways to get your kids involved with sports?

If so, this is a great time of year to take a look at hockey.

After all, hockey is a classic sport that continues to grow in popularity. It offers a chance to learn team-building, to learn a new skill, the excitement of non-stop action, and will help kids stay busy while it’s cold outside.

When your child is first introduced to the sport, they will need some basic youth hockey equipment. Here we take a look at the ultimate hockey equipment checklist for every new player. Keep reading to learn more.

Hockey Stick

This is perhaps the most critical item a player needs to play hockey on ice. The key is to choose a hockey stick that offers the right amount of flex. It also needs to be the right height for the player.

Why is flex so important? Well, if the flex number is too high, the stick won’t flex enough during shots, which will negatively impact the power of the shot. And if their stick is too long or too short, it will affect their stance.

The key is to talk to an expert to pick the perfect stick for a young player.

Hockey Skates

The simple truth is, you can’t play ice hockey without skates. And the skates need to be the right fit. Otherwise, the player will be incredibly uncomfortable out on the ice.

Keep in mind that a new player is going to be spending a lot of time on their feet, so you need to find a good pair that fits the shape of their foot and then make sure the skates are properly baked.

This is again why it’s so important to discuss the proper fit with an expert at your local pro shop.


Not everyone chooses to wear a helmet during play, but this is the best way to save your head from serious injury on the ice. A good helmet will offer plenty of padding on the inside, along with a face shield to protect your face sticks and pucks during the game.


There are plenty of accessories that are important for added protection and comfort. For starters, your youth player needs the best hockey gear, including a good pair of gloves, a mouth guard, neck guard, elbow pads, a team jersey, a jock, shin guards, tape for their hockey stick, and a hockey bag for hauling gear to and from home.

It’s important to remember that every player will have different preferences, but the more protection they have on the ice, the more fun their hockey experience will be.

Here’s a great resource to learn about pricing for patches for your local hockey team.

A Complete Youth Hockey Equipment Checklist

Few sports in America are as exciting or as challenging as hockey. Fortunately, this hockey equipment checklist will provide everything needed to give your child the best chance at success on the ice.

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