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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence On Social Media

Social Media Growth Attracts Marketers

It’s hard to imagine a modern everyday person who doesn’t use social media. People keep in touch, check the news, travel, go to restaurants, research information and reviews, get opinions and advice; buy and sell, and seek help through social media.

The pandemic has only increased audience demand for these platforms and their capabilities. The U.S. has one of the highest levels of social media immersion in the world, according to an article on Social Media Use in the United States – Statistics & Facts published by the Statista research department. As a result, any business will be able to find its target audience there.

Recall how many people you knew started TikTok in the first wave of the quarantine, and what brands started to grow actively there? Regular content engages users. Besides, social media is also a way to provide quality service.

If your package gets lost in transit, how do you contact the shipping company in the first place? Many will write to the online chatbot or ask that brand’s social media and messengers, hoping for a quick response. Many consumers expect brands to respond within a day of contacting social media.

Things AI and Social Media Share

There is no need to delve into the history of AI because today, it serves a slightly different function than we previously imagined it. Just a few decades ago, science fiction writers were scaring us about AI’s dangers. But today, it is already helping us process vast amounts of data to make it easier for staff to work, speed up business growth, and expand the audience for social media sales, among other things. But beyond sales and service, AI can do much more.

AI Processes and Filters Information and Images

Today’s media resources use open-source platforms to engage communities, citizen journalists and newsrooms, and freelance journalists in collaborative, decentralized content verification, tracking, and debunking.

They use plugins to read video and image metadata, verify video copyrights, and apply forensic filters to still images.

Also, AI-based services exist to help detect and filter bots.

AI Improves Content Creation

We all know the importance of high-quality and well-written content on the news feeds, social networks, blogs, store pages, or video descriptions. AI has long been involved in creating, translating, and editing excellent texts. There are both multilingual translators and sophisticated editors in which you can fine-tune the editing to suit your needs: dialect, writing style, audience, etc.

AI is a tool that offers a much more intuitive process of human-program interaction to make decisions on assigned tasks.

AI Optimizes Advertising

AI allows you to analyze gigantic amounts of customer data and create relevant content based on what’s known about them. For example, AI learns about recent website views and purchases. It allows it to develop valuable ads, such as those that help a person furnish the home, rent a truck to move, and buy the rest of the things they need for an empty house.

The purpose of AI is to automate the analysis and collection of information for the simplified operation of companies.

AI Scales Search Capabilities

Search engines make the most of AI technology. The AI is constantly learning to provide the best results for each user. For example, if you type “Little Mermaid” into a search, you might find an Ariel movie instead of Hans Christian Anderson’s sob tale in a couple of seconds. This solution helps save a lot of time for the user and set up the most relevant advertising.


We can conclude that artificial intelligence is very widely used in social media, especially in social networks and e-publishing. It performs the functions of collecting, analyzing, and filtering data, facilitating manual work. However, it is too early to say whether AI can replace humans in this field; rather, on the contrary, AI can attract even more people to all sides of the screen. Artificial Intelligence is giving us a new customer experience. However, to stay one step ahead of the competition, we need to focus on personalization and take full advantage of the latest technologies we already see growing.


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