The Key to Recommending a Desktop Artifact That Enhances Happiness is That It is Cheap

The desktop culture is gradually prevailing among young people nowadays. Arranging a comfortable, tidy and tasteful desktop environment for themselves in the company and at home can not only improve work efficiency, but also relax their body and mind. Today, I will recommend some good desktop products to everyone based on my own personal experience. Their appearance is not expensive online, and they are easy to start without pressure.

Enrich the interface-Type-C docking station

  Today’s notebook computers are all thin and light routes. The advantage is that they look beautiful and light, but the corresponding expansion capabilities cannot meet the needs. Many thin and light notebooks even only have two Type-C ports. After one is used for charging, a Type-C port can’t meet the expansion needs most of the time. At this time, you need a Type-C docking station.

This type of docking station is light and portable and mostly uses a metal casing, which matches your thin and light notebook in terms of appearance. If there are not many expansion functions required, the price of this type of product will not exceed 100 yuan, and a docking station with a USB3.0 interface and a network cable interface can meet the needs of most people. Of course, there are products with stronger expansion capabilities that integrate more functions such as power supply, video output, network cable interface, card reader, etc., and the price is also controlled at about 150 yuan. 

Protect eyesight-display hanging lights

The desktop lighting conditions are not good, the keyboard and mouse in front of you are hidden in the dark, and the monitor light is dazzling? The angle of the desk lamp is always inappropriate, and it will always make the screen reflective and affect the use? At this time, you need a product such as a screen hanging light. In fact, screen hanging lights have been available for a long time, but early products have few options and high prices. However, in the past two years, more and more peripheral manufacturers have entered this field, quickly reducing the price range of screen hanging lights from nearly 1,000 yuan to less than 200 yuan.


 This type of product is mounted on the frame above the display, and the light irradiation angle can effectively light up the desktop while avoiding the impact of screen reflections on the display. At the same time, some high-end products can be sleeplessly dimmed and change the color temperature, and the configuration of the controller also makes the adjustment more convenient. At present, many colleagues and friends around the author have purchased such screen hanging lights, which are good choices for daily computer office and home reading.

Make your wrist feel better-keyboard rest

  The mechanical keyboard feels good, it can’t stop after using it, and it has a longer lifespan. Therefore, it has become the standard equipment for many writers at home and office. However, because the mechanical shaft is used, the mechanical keyboard body is relatively thick and heavy. In the case of a bare keyboard, there is a large gap between the keyboard and the table, which is more uncomfortable for the wrist. At this time, you need to configure the keyboard tray for it. At present, there are many keyboard trays on the market. According to the author’s experience, the wooden keyboard tray has a very good effect and a higher appearance. At present, the price of wooden keyboard trays on the market is less than one hundred yuan, and ordinary consumers can also afford it.


The Gospel of Small Desktop-Rubik’s Cube Socket

  The table is too small to fit the big power strip? The laptop sockets and monitor sockets are too big to be plugged into two adjacent sockets? At this time, you need the Rubik’s Cube socket, which is more popular in recent years. This kind of socket is a cube with a small footprint, and there is a jack on each of the three sides. Large charging devices will not interfere with each other when they are together. On the other side, there are generally three USB ports for mobile phones. Wait for the device to charge. This kind of socket I recommend to the big bull brand is guaranteed, and it also has fashionable models such as the Brown Bear. The average price is less than 60 yuan and the price is very high.

Mobile Phone and Charger

Replenish battery at any time-wireless charging base

  Many smart phones now have wireless charging capabilities. Although the efficiency of wireless charging is relatively low compared to wired charging, it is very easy to use if it is placed in a desktop environment. Usually put it on the wireless charger to replenish the power of your phone. When you need to use the phone, you don’t need to bother to plug and unplug the charging cable.

Wireless Charger

Now mobile phones support the face unlock function. Place the mobile phone on the wireless charger for charging. At this time, there are information prompts such as WeChat . You don’t need to pick up the phone to unlock and watch. You only need to tilt your head to unlock the phone, and the information will also be displayed. If it’s just useless information such as product promotions or APP notifications, you can just ignore it and continue working.

The desktop is tidy and happy-the plug storage box

A neat desktop can make people happy, and a major factor that causes confusion on the desktop is the various power cords. At this time, you need a power strip storage box. Put the power strip in the storage box and organize the various power cords so that you can get a relatively tidy environment. The price of this kind of plug-in storage box is generally about 30 yuan, and the price is still very cheap. It should be reminded that this kind of storage box provides different sizes to fit the power strips of different sizes. You must first measure your own power strips after purchasing. It is embarrassing to buy a small one.

image2 2

Protect your cervical spine-monitor stand

  Many white-collar workers in the office will have more or less cervical spine problems, one is because of incorrect sitting posture, and the other is because the display height is too low, and you need to lower your head to look at the screen. Compared with the professional monitor stand, which has certain requirements for the desktop and is slightly more expensive, the monitor heightening rack is undoubtedly a more cost-effective choice. At present, these products have a variety of materials, and everyone can choose according to their own preferences. In addition, some multi-functional products also have a certain storage capacity and USB HUB function to make your desktop more tidy.

image1 3

Drink plenty of water to be healthy-elegant cup

At home entertainment, you should also add water at any time, make a cup of tea to refresh your mind or put some chrysanthemums to clear your throat and throat during work. At this time, you need an elegant cup that is inexpensive and very easy to use. It can easily separate the tea from the water and avoid the bitterness caused by long-term soaking. Shop now using Currys UK discount code  

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image3 1

In the field of Piaoyi Cup, Jinzao is an old brand with guaranteed quality and recommend it. Everyone should pay attention to the volume of the elegant cup when choosing. Personally, I suggest that it is convenient to drink tea in the office. Even if it is a cup of Kung Fu tea, it is best to choose a product above 500ml. The author generally uses 1000ml.


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