Don’t be afraid to mix metals

If you like the idea of mixing metals like gold and silver, you don’t need to stick with just one colour or pattern. You can mix different variations of the same colour, or get patterns of different sizes or shapes of pandora rings. This is something we’ll be covering in more depth later on. Go for simple and minimal rings to keep things simple. Don’t go overboard. A simple gold or white gold ring with a white diamond is perfect for a more subdued look. Or don’t use a diamond altogether. If you really can’t think what to put on your finger, get two pairs of stones, one on each finger. You can also stack different types of jewellery on one single finger, depending on the style. The most versatile rings are the ones with three prongs.

Make your stack personal to you

Although you should choose a collection of rings that you love to wear on your fingers, you can’t let that tell you what your collection should be like. In order to ensure that your ring stack looks and feels amazing on your fingers, you need to get inspired by your own style. Work out which pieces of jewellery you prefer to wear and then look for rings that will complement them. In some cases, this will mean you’ll have to go a little more extravagant in the choice of style, but you will be rewarded by feeling more confident and stylish wearing your favourite pieces all together.

Add a customizable flourish

Whilst a cluster of rings that complement each other will look great on its own, you should also add a personal flourish to the look.

Leave at least one finger bare

There’s no point in trying to create a collection of rings if you’re going to leave at least one finger bare, as it’s a very natural way to show off your style, and a simple pair of simple studs can dress up any outfit.

Be adventurous and experiment with different shapes

While many of the classic round-band styles will always be a great addition to your jewellery collection, they’re not quite so stylish as the trendy geometric shapes or the innovative art deco style that can be adapted to suit your jewellery collection and any other outfit.

Stick to one pattern at a time

It can be tempting to go crazy and try a multitude of different patterns and colours to create a unique set, but it’s better to stick to one style at a time and balance them in your stack.

Choose rings of varying shapes and thicknesses

While you’re opting for multi-coloured rings, you need to keep your eyes out for a variety of different shapes to go along with them. The more variety you have, the more interesting your look will look. So, if you like a square-shaped design, you should opt for a pair of slightly larger square-shaped pieces, or a pair of round ones in different sizes, which will add some variation to your look. Meanwhile, if you have small hands, make sure you pick out a large ring in a rounded shape, as it will add interest and definition to your hand. Also, the thicker the ring, the smaller the details you can include on the back, so you can’t go too big in terms of size.

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