Tips When Planning a Destination Wedding in Italy

Italy, as a country, imbues visitors with a sense of culture, romance and lust for life. Therefore, it is no wonder that it is a firm favourite among couples around the world who wish to plan a destination wedding. Taking the first steps to plan a wedding abroad can appear to be a challenge. Here are some tips to consider when planning your dream wedding in Italy.

  1. Choose a suitable location

It really goes without saying that choosing the location for your Italian wedding will be the most important decision you make. It is important to choose a place that holds some significance to you as a couple, and will cater to the style of wedding you desire.  Would you rather the classic glamour of an opulent hotel in Venice or the rustic charm of a wedding in the Tuscan countryside?

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In addition to choosing somewhere meaningful and reflective of you as a couple, it is also important to consider your guests who will be travelling a distance to attend.  The location should be convenient both in terms of transfers to and from the airport as well as access to amenities close to their accommodation. Don’t have your guests worn out before the wedding celebrations have even begun.

  1. View the venue

It is essential that you and your partner take the time to visit your chosen venue before the wedding date. Photos available online are a fantastic aid but they cannot substitute a first-hand visit where you will get a feel for all the nuances of the place. By visiting the property, you will gain greater clarity as to whether your chosen theme, size and wedding attire will work well in their entirely. Moreover, it will avoid any last-minute disappointments and idealised expectations not being met.

  1. Hire a wedding planner

By hiring a wedding planner, you will ensure the experience of planning your wedding in Italy is an enjoyable and memorable one. Enlisting help of, you can relax knowing that their expertise can bring your dream to life. A wedding planner can communicate with the local vendors on your behalf and provide inspiration as well as insider knowledge and guidance.

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  1. Choose local

You should consider choosing local vendors, florists and catering companies who can provide great quality local and seasonal produce as opposed to the same as what you would find at home. This is an area of the wedding in which an experienced planner will be able to assist and provide you with insights to ensure your vision is created to best suit your wishes and budget.

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  1. Prepare for your guests

It is important to consider the guests who will travel to your wedding venue. You should provide guests with all the information about the local area, for example, things to do and see during their stay in addition to a plan for wedding day itself. You may want to plan for a welcome drink or meal when everyone arrives in Italy. A thoughtful touch such as a welcome gift would be much appreciated by guests as they arrive. A gift bag could be filled with a bottle of water, a fan (necessary for hot weather), a map of the town or area and a sweet or savoury regional treat.

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By following these tips, you will be well on your way to creating a beautiful and unique ceremony and reception set to the backdrop of a stunning Italian location.

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