Top 5 SUV Tyres by Maxxis To Enhance Your Driving Experience

In the recent few years, SUVs have become the most popular vehicle among the masses, with demand at an all-time high across the country. A perfect blend of performance, luxury, and comfort makes SUVs outcompete traditional cars with specific body types such as hatchbacks, sedans, etc. Apart from its rugged body, and extraordinary performance, tyres play an important role in making SUVs compatible for off-roading in all weather conditions.

However, the common problem SUV owners face is the rapid degradation of tyres and the high cost of replacement. To make the SUV tyres last longer Maxxis has launched its series of SUV tyres using advanced technology and premium quality compound. So, if you too are encountered with a similar problem the top 5 SUV tyres by Maxxis described in the section below will certainly take your experience to another level.

Top 5 SUV Tyres by Maxxis

Let’s have a look at the best 5 SUV tyres offered by Maxxis.


Built with a unique zig-zag block design, Maxxis AT980, an all-terrain tyre, offers excellent traction edges for off-roading. Its square tread contour design and advanced casing ensure maximum road contact even when the vehicle is heavily loaded to improve puncture and bruising resistance. The M&S all-season rated tyre with a reduced pitch ratio pattern design prolongs the tread life while giving you improved handling and stability.

HP5 Premita

Engineered with advanced silica compound Maxxis HP5 Premita remains the leading tyre model in the industry for rolling resistance and performance, especially in wet conditions. Its unique bead filler design further enhances the resistance to make your ride comfortable. Hydroplaning resistance gets a revamp with a rib pattern design with four circumferential grooves, while curved shoulder grooves minimize the vibration noise in the tread area.

HT770 Bravo

With its unique sidewall design and ripple sipe construction, Maxxis HT770 Bravo has become the best replacement alternative for light trucks and SUV owners. Maxxis flagship highway terrain tyre, engineered with a closed shoulder pattern design and multi-pitch tread blocks, provides a supple ride on the toughest terrain without compromising stability even under heavy braking and crosswinds.

MT753 Bravo

Manufactured with premium rubber compound and heavy-duty construction, the Maxxis MT753 Bravo provides excellent on-road and off-road traction. Features uniquely spaced tread blocks, open shoulder lugs, and double steel-belted construction, the tyre comes with a self-cleaning ability to make your tyre last longer while producing maximum traction. 

 MT762 Bighhorn

For adventure enthusiasts and those who love off-roading, Maxxis MT762 Bighhorn is the best replacement tyre fitment. Designed to deliver exceptional handling and stability in muddy terrain, MT762’s multi-edge tread blocks improve traction even in rocky terrains. The ultra-durable tyres are well complemented with buttress reinforcements on sidewalls making sure you have perfect puncture resistance and mud traction.

Final Words

Pick the best tyres offered by Maxxis, one of Australia’s top-notch tyre brands, for a wide range of SUVs and light trucks. Give a facelift to your traveling experience by making an intelligent decision as Maxxis SUV tyres have earned a reputation to ensure your safety with outstanding steering control, traction, and comfort.


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