Top Team Building Activities for Your Employees

When it comes to productivity in the workplace, team-building activities are the way to go. They are an excellent way to promote creativity within teams, enhance bonds, increase communication and develop skills. They can be incorporated into everyday life in the office, or they can take place outside of the workplace. Here are 4 excellent team-building activities that are great for both large and small teams.

Two Truths and a Lie to Kick Things Off

If you are looking for a quick game to kick things off and break the ice, look no further than two truths and a lie. This game requires employees to sit together and take turns to make two truthful statements and one lie. The aim of the game is for the rest of the group to get their heads together and figure out which statement is a lie. This game gives staff members the opportunity to share information about their personal lives with the workplace in a fun and friendly way.

Escape Room for Problem-Solving

When it comes to problem-solving with a difference, escape rooms are a great choice. They are fun and exciting, and they give groups a chance to work together to solve a challenge. Groups of people are placed in a locked room with a cool theme. They must then complete a mission to get out of the room by following clues and solving puzzles together. Escape rooms are available in many towns and cities, and you can even transform a boardroom into an escape room if your budget is tight. However, if you want to go all out, why not put your employees to the test with an innovative virtual reality escape room experience? A VR Escape Room is just like a traditional escape room, except you will be equipped with portable mobile VR technology. This technology gives you a chance to roam freely and immerse yourself completely in different types of worlds, dimensions, or locations.

Office Trivia for Bonding

A fantastic team bonding idea is office trivia. This team-building idea is great for workers who work inside the office or remotely. Office trivia is a fun way to bring employees together as they attempt to answer questions about the workplace correctly. You can even jazz things up with questions that are completely random. To give this team-building activity another level of interest, introduce quirky prizes. For example, the prize of a hole punch or a stapler can add a comical element to the game.

Scavenger Hunt to Develop Communication Skills

Scavenger hunts can take place in and out of the office, and this activity will get your employees collaborating and moving about while they ‘hunt’ for things on their list. This activity can feature a completely random list of things to find, or it can be work-focused. For example, those working in architecture can be sent across the city to find certain buildings, while creative types can be sent to take pictures of certain objects. Give the groups a time to complete the challenge, and offer a fun prize for the winning team.


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