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Turnkey Kitchen Remodeling – Where to Start?

As in a dream, a people spend no less than a third of his life in the kitchen, where he prepares food for himself, spends time with friends, has meals, spends holidays, and arranges parties. The kitchen should be multifunctional, simple and comfortable, most importantly, beautiful. If your kitchen is not yet like this, then it is waiting for a turnkey kitchen renovation.

Preparation of the kitchen for remodeling

First, you need to prepare the kitchen for future repair, turn off all the plumbing, shut off the water and gas, and remove the furniture. After that, they begin to clean the walls from old coatings, wallpaper, tiles, linoleum, and ceiling coverings are removed. In just a day, the kitchen will be ready for major repairs.

Perhaps you want to expand the kitchen due to the demolition of partitions, then you need to clarify in the plan of the house whether there is a load-bearing wall and whether it can be demolished. If the wall is not load-bearing, then its disassembly can be approached in different ways, someone will do it with a sledgehammer, or someone will use other tools, in general, how to demolish the wall is up to you. After demolishing the wall, you need to fill up the resulting gaps and holes, for this you will need a solution of high-quality concrete or cement.

Attention: Pour the solution evenly, without creating humps or pits, the place where the partition was should be perfectly even, including not only the floor, but also the walls and ceiling.

After finishing the work on dismantling the partition, you can proceed to the next stage, leveling the walls, floor and ceiling.

Leveling of the floor, ceiling, walls

The kitchen requires flat surfaces, otherwise all the furniture in the kitchen will look poor, some electrical equipment will quickly fail, therefore, if you decide to carry out a sacramento kitchen remodeling, you cannot do without concrete and cement.

It is best to fill the floor again, on top of the old screed. With the walls, everything is a little more complicated, you need to level them with a thick solution of cement and a trowel, carefully applying a layer of cement to the wall, trying to make it as even as possible. It would be good to use a long bar, after applying cement to the wall, run it from bottom to top with a bar, then the wall will be perfectly even.

Installation of new communication systems

During major repairs, all communication systems are replaced, including water, electricity, and, if necessary, gas.

In the kitchen, it is best to lay water using metal-plastic or polypropylene. The second option is a little better than the first, since polypropylene is not as susceptible to condensation as metal plastic. Each of the materials is elastic, tolerates temperature changes well, and most importantly, it is very easy to install. In order to completely replace water communications in the apartment, using metal-plastic or polypropylene, you will need only a few thousand rubles.

It is better to replace the wiring than the electrician, since it is almost impossible to correctly lay the wiring in the kitchen yourself.

Installation of ventilation systems, hood installation

Due to the fact that fat is often cooked, fried, steamed and boiled in the kitchen, a lot of different vapors are released, including a large amount of gas, accordingly, you need to get rid of it, because it is very dangerous for everyone to breathe.

If there is a ventilation system in the house, then it is better to replace it, install new pipes, replace fans, it will not be difficult even for the most inexperienced man in the house, and this is the matter, in general, something that will not cost money.

It will not be superfluous to install a forced hood, which should be used during cooking. The hood is installed directly above the stove, on average at a height of 60-70 cm from the stove. For convenience, a switch or socket is mounted at arm’s length, depending on the type of hood.

Before installing the hood itself, you need to make a hole in the wall in order to suck out the air going outside with the hood. After you have such a hole, you need to lay a system of pipes and close the hole with a special mesh. If you cannot handle it yourself, then invite installers to perform the work.

The hood is attached either to the wall or to the ceiling, there are also such types of hoods that are attached to the ceiling and to the wall, usually, such hoods usually have a massive structure, as a result of which they require additional supports.

Laying tiles

In the working area of ​​the kitchen, it is best to use tiles, including decorative tiles, as a finishing material, this will protect the walls and floor from water, grease and other debris. A combination of two types of floor coverings, such as tiles and linoleum, or tiles and parquet, is also possible. This is usually done in the following way – in the working area, the floor is laid with tiles, and in the dining area parquet or linoleum is used, especially creative people make the transition from one material to another in the form of arcs, semicircles, etc.

Installation of suspended ceiling

Suspended ceilings are most often installed in kitchens, the popularity of this type of finishing material is no accident. Due to the fact that any number of hidden lights can be installed in the suspended ceiling, it is chosen more and more often.

Suspended ceilings in the form of stucco are most often used, it is easy to hide hidden lighting, mount lamps, and such a ceiling looks very beautiful. In addition, if you get bored with the color of the suspended ceiling, you can paint it with oil paint at any time.

Installation of built-in kitchen appliances

After finishing the finishing works, you can equip the kitchen with furniture, install cabinets, a stove and other appliances. Particular attention should be paid to the washing machine when installing the equipment, it must be set exactly level, and a flat floor is required for this. In that case, if you install the washing machine “just like that”, its service life may decrease by several years due to the high level of vibrations, which caused deformations.

Installing a bar counter

If you are a lover of parties, then you cannot do without a bar counter in the kitchen. Today, you can buy a bar counter in any store, but there may be some problems with its installation. It is best to fasten the rack with anchor bolts, and then lightly concrete it at the base, this will make it more stable and in case of an accidental collision, the rack will remain in place.

After installing the bar counter, as in the rest and after the repair itself, you need to carry out general cleaning of the kitchen, after which it will be completely ready for operation. Happy holidays and gatherings!


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