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Nowadays, only having a website is not enough. Ranking it in the first position of search engines is a real challenge.

Now you must be thinking, what could make your website rank in no.1 position? 

It is VPS South Africa.

If you live in South Africa, you must get VPS hosting with a server location in South Africa. This is because server location also plays a crucial role in enhancing the speed and performance of your website. The search engine calculates the ranking of websites on the basis of the website’s speed, security, performance, uptime, etc.

The other option is shared hosting which is no doubt a very cost-effective hosting solution, but it does not have the ability to provide a top ranking due to its shared resources and high downtime. Therefore considering VPS South Africa is a rational decision. 

In this article, we will further discuss what VPS hosting is and how it can improve the rank of your website in search engines. 

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server that works much like a dedicated server, with the exception that the websites of its users are hosted on a shared server. 

In brief, VPS is one physical machine that divides itself into many parts with the help of virtualization technology to fulfill the needs of multiple users at a much lesser cost than a dedicated server. 

However, with VPS Hosting, each user gets one part of the VPS server with dedicated resources such as RAM, CPU, Bandwidth, and Storage, exclusively for their websites. Therefore, along with private space, VPS gives private resources as well for your website. 

How does VPS South Africa help in Search Engine Rankings?

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There are many things that are required to improve your search engine ranking, here I have mentioned only a few. 

  • VPS Gives Your Improved uptime score

The most common uptime offered by almost all good VPS hosting Providers is 99.99%. Do you know what this means? It means your website will have only a .01% chance to face downtime throughout the year. 

From the SEO perspective, the websites that always remain available on the internet are the only rank. If your website faces downtime of more than .01%, there are more likely chances to put your website away from the ranking.   

However, VPS South improves the uptime of your website and gives it a boost to rank in the no.1 position of the search engine. 

2. VPS Gives You Better loading time

SEO plays a very crucial role when it comes to website loading times. In accordance with a Google algorithm, if your website does not load within three seconds, your customers/visitors switch on your competitor’s website. As a result, you will not only lose the ranking of your website, but there is also a negative impact on your business reputation. 

However, VPS Hosting South Africa gives your website a fast loading speed of 2 seconds, which is much less than what Google recommends.

3. VPS Offers Great Control over Server 

VPS South Africa offers you root access to control your server the way you want. This option is not available with shared hosting. Root access gives you the ability to install various applications and software and optimize the server’s functionalities. Additionally, VPS Server South Africa provides you complete freedom to install the operating system of your choice.

4. VPS Provides Easy upgradation

The best advantage of VPS South Africa is that you can upgrade your existing plan anytime without affecting the performance of your website. Additionally, this process hardly gives you any downtime.  

However, any time your website hits a spike in traffic, you can easily upgrade your plan to accommodate it.

5. VPS offers Improved security

The security of your website is essential to gain your customers’ trust and make your SEO efforts more successful. If your website shares resources with an unprotected site, you make yourself an easy target for hackers and malware. This not only leads to the compromise of sensitive information and important files on your website but also affects its ranking. 

However, with VPS South Africa, you get advanced security protection, including DDoS protection, end-to-end encryption, firewall, custom security software, SSL certificate, malware scan and removal, etc., to safeguard your website. By taking these security measures, your website will surely gain the top position in the search results. 

Who provides the Best VPS in South Africa?

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Wisesolution is one of the best web hosting companies that offer VPS Hosting South Africa at a very competitive price backed up by 99.99% uptime and advanced security protection. 

Besides VPS, the company also provides shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and reseller hosting. It is also possible for you to register your domain name with the company if you haven’t done so yet. The technical expert team of wisesolution remains available 24/7 to resolve all your hosting problems instantly. 

Its VPS hosting South Africa plans starts @1155/mo, which includes 1 core CPU, 1GB RAM, 25 GB SSD Storage, and 250 GB ( 1 gbps shared) bandwidth. AS the price goes higher, your resources will also multiply. 

Whatever VPS plan you choose comes with a choice between two operating systems: Linux and Windows. Due to free licensing, Linux VPS south Africa seems more affordable, but Windows has its advantages. 

Features of Wisesolution VPS South Africa

  • 99.99% uptime
  • Free SSL certificate
  • A choice between Linux and windows operating system
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Dedicated IP address 
  • Easy customization
  • 7 days money-back guarantee
  • Regular backups
  • SSD storage

To learn more about web hosting, browse the official website of the company @ 

Final thoughts

For better or, say, top ranking, you always need a hosting solution that fulfills all the search engine criteria. And one such hosting is VPS South Africa. It gives you high uptime, improved security, easy upgradation, better loading time, and easy upgradation to keep your website online always. Hence, VPS hosting South Africa is the best hosting solution for websites that have difficulty in ranking top positions in the search engines. 

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