What Are the Best CBD Products to Keep Your Body Humming?

Almost everyone knows about this new magical drug known as cannabidiol (CBD), and this is because of its numerous capabilities as it can help almost anyone in the world. Some people use CBD to help lessen their anxiety, while others use it when suffering from chronic pain.

CBD can help treat numerous conditions such as cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, neuropathy, and others. CBD’s versatility has made it very famous, and more people are trying it. The athletes use CBD to ensure they stay fit and their bodies are humming on the pitch and in the gym.

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Why do athletes prefer CBD to keep fit?

On the field, one essential aspect that each athlete must have is a lot of energy. Energy helps the athlete perform better and outshine the rest. To gain more power or relax, athletes may use over-the-counter pills or CBD. However, with an increase in CBD awareness, athletes are adapting to CBD for several reasons;


Over-the-counter pills are chemically made with many ingredients, and some of these ingredients might be harmful to your body. These drugs often have dangerous side effects that athletes do not want. Some of these drugs might also be addictive, and no athlete wants to become addicted to drugs because it can be detrimental to an athlete’s career.

CBD, on the other hand, is natural hence, more gentle to the body. Most people can take CBD without experiencing any side effects if they take the correct dose; therefore, ensure that you consult your doctor before you start taking CBD. Also, CBD is not addictive unless it is mixed with THC; hence if you do not want to take an addictive drug, take pure CBD.

CBD has other valuable benefits

CBD is excellent for an athlete’s performance because of its versatility. Even though it helps in increasing an athlete’s energy, it also has anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties. CBD helps anxious athletes relax before they play. In big games, nerves can be an athlete’s greatest enemy, and taking CBD can help an athlete relax and perform optimally, even in a big game.

The science behind CBD’s ability to raise energy levels

Plenty of research is being undertaken to confirm and know CBD’s full potential. The available research results do not give conclusive information, but it guides one to answer some questions. To understand how CBD raises energy levels, one needs to know the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The ECS is a complex cell-signaling system responsible for regulating specific body processes such as sleep, mood, appetite, learning, energy metabolism, and other vital functions. CBD interacts with the ECS hence leading to positive effects affecting the body.

A 2017 review suggests that the interaction of low doses of CBD with the ECS can stimulate one to be more active. However, you have to be careful since research has shown that taking high doses of CBD can lead one to be less active than usual. It would be best if you got the correct amount to have the desired effect.

What are the best products to use?

There are so many products in the marijuana shops and dispensaries; it is challenging to know which products to choose to increase your energy level and become more active. Before even deciding on which product to choose, it is essential to select the right shop.

Choose a shop that has positive reviews and deals with certified products because there are many defective products in the market. If you are shopping online, choose an online shop such as, which has excellent reviews and deals only with tested and certified products.

After choosing a good shop, you can look for some of these products that Anna Symonds recommends. Anna Symonds is a rugby champ and a CBD advocate; hence she is pretty aware of the best products to use to keep your body humming. She recommends;

Dr. Kerklaan Natural CBD Relief Spray

For localized pain, you need these natural sprays. It is gentle to the skin and highly recommended by many experts in the field. It has other ingredients such as eucalyptus and peppermint that help add to the soothing sensation of the spray. It is free of harmful ingredients such as GMOs, sulfates, and parabens.

TheraOne Recover CBD Lotion

After a tiresome workout, your muscles and joints need to recover. The good news is that CBD is a great anti-inflammatory agent. TheraOne Recover CBD Lotion is designed for applying after a hard workout session. It also has some eucalyptus and arnica to help maximize its effect on the body.

Herbs capsules

Herbs capsule offers a 20mg full spectrum of CBD, allowing you to enjoy the full benefit of CBD. Symonds mentions that this herb can help you obtain the benefits in three formulations: calm, relief, and sleep.

Weedsport Dunk Zero Salts

The Weedsport Dunk Zero Salts is a product designed for an athlete. It is a package that all athletes ought to have with them. It is very effective for body care because it can make your muscles feel normal again. It helps your muscles and joints heal after a tiring workout or game.

Offfield Sports Drink Mix

You can add an Offfield Sports Drink Mix into your water to enjoy the CBD’s benefits. The drink mix mixes evenly in water, and it contains a full spectrum of 20mg of CBD. It is worth trying it out because it provides an exquisite experience.

Cannacares Vegan CBD Capsules

Cannacares CBD capsules are some of the most popular CBD capsules in Europe. Not only are they organic and vegan-friendly – very rare when it comes to soft gel CBD capsules – but they are also available on subscription. With Cannacares’ subscription service, you never have to worry about forgetting an order and you will always have enough to see you through. Set up your desired regularity – either 30, 60 or 90 days and even save 20% off of every single order! Cannacares soft gel CBD capsules each contain 30mg of CBD and provide 6-8 hours of consistent relief. This makes them a great option for promoting sleep. CBD capsules are also one of the most discreet delivery methods, meaning that you do not attract any unwanted questions from co-workers or peers. Finally, they are also great when it comes to travelling, unlike CBD oil – anyone who has had a bottle of CBD oil leak in their bag will attest to this!

Kyoto Botanicals (re) Charge Sports Cream

The Kyoto Botanicals is a cream with about 400mg of CBD. It is ideal for the leg and back muscles. Other ingredients in the Kyoto Botanicals include; camphor, rosemary, and other botanicals, which have a pleasant fragrance.

Bottom Line

CBD is one of the most versatile drugs in the market that almost anyone, including athletes, can use to improve their life and condition. Many athletes advocate for CBD’s use and consider it more effective than other options in the market. Ensure you try CBD and if you do, take the right amount that your doctor recommends.


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